Buying in Knowle

Knowle - Buying in Knowle

Although Knowle is considered an affluent village, with lots of luxurious properties to buy found here, there are homes to be bought on all sorts of different budgets.


Here’s what you can expect based on how much you’re willing to pay for a property in Knowle.

£100k - £200k

Generally speaking, you’re not going to find a suitable property below this price range in the Knowle area.


You might be able to buy a piece of land, depending on what’s available, but there’s unlikely to be a home to live in.


But if you can stretch to the £100k - £200k market, you do have some options. Simple, clean two-bedroom flats to rent in a nice area are easy to find.


These properties are generally found in large apartment developments. Some specifically designed for retirees looking for somewhere cosy to enjoy their retirement.


They come with all the amenities you could possibly need, including visiting managers and a communal reception area.

£200k - £400k

Again, it is typically retirees who will be looking to buy a property in Knowle at this price range.


Here you’re looking at assisted living facilities. Ones that are built, maintained and managed to the highest of standards.


There are developments that boast as many as 50 apartments within the Knowle area - all quite similarly priced around the £350k - £400k mark.


Most of those that come onto the market feature two bedrooms, as well as comfortable living spaces, modern integrated kitchens, and one or two shower rooms.


If you have a loved one who you feel is suited to living in an assisted living facility, or if you’re interested in relocating to a complex like this yourself, then Knowle offers more than suitable accommodation.


£400k - £500k

If you’re looking for something a little bigger - your first family home, perhaps - then you will need to push your budget into the £400k+ zone.


Now you can start to look at detached properties.


You can find some excellent two or three-bedroom houses, located in very nice areas, within this price range.


As well as detached houses, there are flats and bungalow options, if that’s your preference.


These properties are typically very modern, and often come with a good-sized garden. So they really are perfect for families.


Many also feature a garage for additional storage space, or you can use it for keeping your vehicle secure if you prefer.

£500k - £750k

Those with a more sizeable budget will find there are plenty of luxurious options in Knowle.


If you’re able to buy a property in the £500k - £750k price range, then a series of large, modern homes - both detached houses and bungalows, are available.


As you would expect, they come with lots of space both inside and outside the property. Some accommodate as many as five bedrooms - ideal if you have a large family!


Many of these homes are based near other residential properties, but you’ll find with some of the more expensive units, you’re also paying for privacy.


So you might find yourself a bit more secluded.


The most beautiful, spacious and deluxe properties come with the most expensive price tag.


But if you’re looking for the best houses to buy in Knowle, this is what you have to pay.


Some properties can exceed the £1 million mark. These are typically large estates, with lots of land outside of the building itself - and even a garage or two.


The market has even been known to boast an old mill for sale.


Properties in this range are generally quite secluded, so you can have all the privacy you want.


And with all the available space, you can house a large family, or simply enjoy living with all that room to yourself. It’s completely up to you.


As you can see, there are lots of different types of properties available to buy in Knowle. There’s something for every budget.


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