Buying in Malton

The Malton housing market can be very affordable, especially compared to other parts of the UK. It still has premium-priced housing - detached properties costing more than £300k - but those on a budget can purchase a happy home in this area. Depending on how much you want to spend, this guide will show what sort of property you can expect to live in.

£75k - £100k

As you can see, the starting price of a property in Malton can be quite low. Obviously these won’t be the most luxurious of houses, but you can certainly find suitable accommodation. You’re likely to be looking at a one bedroom flat. It will be modest, but comfortable for someone living alone, or a couple looking to get on the property ladder. This then gives you time to save up for a bigger place in the future.

£100k - £150k

If you’ve got a little more room in the budget, then your options expand further than a simple one bedroom flat, or studio apartment. At the lower end of this price bracket you can expect to find terraced houses available. At the higher end, you might be able to buy a semi-detached property. In terms of bedrooms, houses vary between two and three. You can still find flats on the market in this price range, they’ll just be a little bigger, and a little nicer than those in the £80k range.

£150k - £250k

There are some really nice properties in Malton that can be bought - if you have the money for them. If your budget falls somewhere between the £150k and £250k figures, you can expect to find a townhouse, semi-detached, or even a detached home. They all typically feature two, three or four bedrooms. These make great family homes. And not just starter homes, but somewhere you can spend the next 15 or 20 years.


The most luxurious properties in Malton will set you back more than £250k. You don’t find many million pound homes in this town, so £250k-£350k is about as much as you can expect to spend, as a maximum. For this cost you can expect to buy a detached property. Normally this is a house, but Malton has several bungalows on the market too. A house in this price range could have as many as four bedrooms, whilst a bungalow will probably have just a couple. Regardless of how much money you have to spend, there is something suitable for you in Malton. To find a list of current properties on the market, visit our Property Search page, and type in ‘Malton’.