Renting in Malton

Do you need to rent a property in Malton? The local Hunters branch can help you get everything you need. From finding a suitable place, to getting all the paperwork together. We’re here to make the whole process as simple as possible. Malton is a beautiful little market town. We’re absolutely certain you’re going to enjoy living here. Here’s what sort of thing you can expect based on cost.

£300 - £400 p/m

It is possible to pay very little for rent in Malton. However, the circumstances might not be to your taste. You’re unlikely to get a place to yourself. At this cost, you’ll probably have to move into a house share. If you’re fine with that, then great! House share properties vary. It might be a three bedroom flat, or a six bedroom semi-detached house. These are found in decent areas of Malton, local to several useful amenities. And the properties themselves are of good quality. There aren’t normally many of these on the market at any one time, however. So if you see one you like, don’t hesitate.

£400 - £600 p/m

If you want to live alone, or with your family or a couple of friends, then this is the price range you’re looking at. The options are quite varied here. You can get a flat or a semi-detached house, with either two or three bedrooms. These properties are suitable for families in particular - those that don’t have a massive budget. Also, you’ll find these types of properties are the most common on the market. They’re typically of good quality, and there are plenty of nice areas in Malton for you to call home.


If you’re after something a little more premium, then you’re in luck. Malton has a number of properties that will be perfectly suited to you. The more money in your budget, the better the place you can get. There are some wonderful flats and semi-detached houses available for around £600-£700 per month. If you really want a little more luxury, and can afford up to £1000 per month on rent, then you may also have a few options. But again, these aren’t particularly common. If you see one on the market, snatch it up as quickly as you can. Interested in renting a property in Malton? To get started, see what’s currently available by visiting this page - and searching for ‘Malton’.