Buying in Redditch

Redditch is a great location for both families and professionals alike, with access to good schools, great local amenities and fantastic transport links. For those looking to use Redditch as a home base before commuting out, it's worth noting that the drive to Birmingham and Worcester takes less than an hour, allowing you to live in pastoral beauty whilst working in the urban sprawl.

£70,000 - £120,000

If you're looking to make your first home in Redditch, studio properties in Reddith are available from as little as £70,000. These properties vary from being combined kitchen and living rooms to combined bedrooms and living rooms. The choice is yours as to which combination you prefer. Whatever you opt for you can be sure that you'll have plenty of storage space and a place of your own that you can turn into a real home. The properties available quickly move to being true 1 bedroomed flats at the £85,000 mark, at which point you find many buildings with classical exteriors and modern interiors. Increasing interest in Redditch means that there are more small properties than ever before, and modern flats are located throughout the area. Above the £100,000 boundary there are more 1 bedroomed maisonettes and terraced houses on the market which benefit from large bathrooms and kitchen which are perfect for professional singles and couples who are looking to create their first home. These blank canvases require only cosmetic updates, so you can move in straight away and settle in quickly. From £110,000 the first 2 bedroomed flats appear on the market, but these are few and far between, so if you see a property you love be sure to move quickly.

£120,000 - £200,000

At £120,000 there is a wider selection of two bedroomed properties available, both in the form of flats in larger buildings, as well as terraced houses and maisonettes. Recently renovated properties are prevalent throughout this price range, and their distribution across the town means that you can be close to schools, or transport links, or even within the town centre should you so wish. When you reach £135,000 you see the introduction of 3 bedroomed terraces onto the Redditch property market. These homes are perfect for families with one or two children as the living spaces are large enough that no one will be treading on each other's toes, and there is usually a front or rear garden for family members to relax and play in. Above £150,000 the properties are still 2 or 3 bedroomed, but the living style and available spaces are much grander. 2 bedroomed apartments benefit from modern fittings and white goods, and 3 bedroomed terraces with larger gardens and living rooms. After these properties, the next notable price jump is up to £175,000 at which point there are more 3 bedroomed semi-detached homes on the market and larger terraces with private front and rear gardens. These homes often also benefit from private parking which give you an additional degree of security, they also have large bathrooms with some having separate showers and baths for an extra degree of comfort.

£200,000 - £300,000

Between £200,000 and £300,000 your choices will be centred around different forms of 4 bedroomed properties, though there are some smaller and larger properties also included in this range. From £200,000 to £210,000 there are some detached 3 bedroomed homes with impressive living rooms and gardens, but these are never on the market for long. At £210,000 the first 4 bedroomed townhouses come into view. These deceptively large homes make the very most of all the natural light that comes into the property and are great for those looking to entertain regularly or have larger families. When considering properties costing between £220,000 and £240,000 there are more 3 bedroomed semi-detached houses, these are often recently built and follow the fashion of open plan living spaces and have modern fittings throughout. In this price range you see more townhouses coming into the fore with either 3 or 4 bedrooms, this comes from the increased popularity of townhouses, as they provide more living spaces for each individual without taking up as much physical ground space. From here, prices steadily increase up to £260,000 where you find the first detached 4 bedroomed homes, perfect for families who want to create their own idyllic bubble to grow in. At £280,000 there are beautiful detached 3 bedroomed homes, or some 5 bedroomed semi detached homes on the market. However, their rarity means that they're rarely on the market for long, so early viewings are essential. 

£300,000 - £500,000

When you start looking at properties costing over £300,000 in Redditch, the sky is the limit when it comes to living spaces and design features. Homes in this price bracket are typically detached and benefit from large front and rear gardens, as well as private parking spaces and large windows which brings the light flooding in. You have the choice between luxurious bungalows and homes across 2 or 3 storeys, so whatever your heart desires can be yours. Whilst some homes are new builds, there are also a good number of classical properties which have been recently renovated and brought up to meet high specifications. These characterful homes allow you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Redditch without ever compromising on comfort or style. When you pass the £400,000 properties tend to possess double garages and second reception rooms and as prices continue to increase gardens become even larger and wrap around the properties to provide you with your own private corner of the world.

Above £500,000

In this price range homes are typically on the very edge or Redditch, and the atmosphere is more that of a village than a busy town. With barn conversions and detached properties abounding, what sets these 5 and 6 bedroomed properties apart is the amount of land included with them. Some even have guest annexes, and if they don't already, it is an option worth considering. The grandeur of the interiors matches the scale of the exteriors. Inside, homes in this price range balance the heritage of the building against having the most modern comforts. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it here. 

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