Buying in Scarborough

Buyer's Guide to Property in Scarborough

£55,000 - £75,000

You can find your first home in Scarborough for as little as £55,000, and just because this is the bottom end of the price range it doesn't mean you'll be compromising on quality or style. One bedroomed properties are scattered throughout the area and vary in size and style. There are compact true one bedroomed properties and larger, more open plan studio apartments. Towards the top end of this price range you’ll benefit from larger living spaces and more modern styling, the properties are perfect blank canvases, ready to be your new home.

£75,000 - £120,000

At £75,000 the first two bedroomed homes in Scarborough come into view. Often located in converted terraces, these apartments are well laid out and spacious, perfect for first time buyers and small families looking to make a new home. As prices increase, two bedroomed properties change from being apartments in conversions to being smaller two bedroomed semi-detached homes.

£120,000 - £160,000

If you're looking for three bedroomed homes to make your own, then you can do that for as little as £120,000. Whilst there are three bedroomed properties under this threshold, they are rarely on the market for long and should be snapped up quickly. Above the £120,000 mark, properties are larger and less likely to be back to back terraces. These homes benefit from private front or rear gardens and are great for young children. With three bedroomed properties scattered across Scarborough, families can rest safe in the knowledge that they're never far from one of the area's schools. Towards the top end of this price range are a good number of three bedroomed semi detached houses and townhouses with second bathrooms which offer plenty of space and gardens to keep the entire family happy.

£160,000 - £200,000

Above £160,000 there is an abundance of four bed terrace and five bed terrace homes. These terraces are spread across two or three stories and tend to have beautiful bay windows on the front of the properties. There are also 3 bedroomed bungalows in this price bracket with generous front rooms and sprawling gardens. When you cross the £170,000 boundary you find more three bedroomed semis with modern frontages, and modern fittings throughout. They are great properties, just waiting for you to make your mark upon them. At the very top end of this price range are incredible airy properties with high ceilings and lashings of natural light. These characterful homes have large kitchens and even grander views, with the first homes with sea views appearing at £200,000.

£200,000 - £250,000

When you start to consider homes costing more than £200,000 you access some of the larger properties available in Scarborough. From the very start of this price bracket there are a variety of four, five and six bedroomed semi detached homes. Moving up to £220,000 you begin to find luxurious four and five bedroomed apartments, as well as three bedroomed semi-detached homes in the very latest developments. If you're in the market for something more historic, then there are terraced homes in the Old Town Quarter or five bedroomed semi-detached Victorian homes with multiple reception rooms and wrap around gardens. You're certain to find something you love in this price range.

£250,000 - £300,000

This price bracket is dominated by four bedroom detached homes with exceptionally large living rooms and open plan kitchens. You'll also find a wide selection of six bedroomed semi-detached homes with views overlooking the coastline. These highly sought after properties benefit from having the best modern comforts without ever compromising their external styling. The expansive kitchens which are prevalent are sure to draw in every food lover, and the six bedroomed properties give the family and guests more than enough space to stretch out.

£300,000 - £400,000

Between £300,000 and £400,000 there are a wide variety of larger properties available, these range from four and five bedroomed detached to six bedroomed period homes with extra living rooms and devoted games rooms. The gardens of these homes are large enough that you feel separated from the outside world, but not so expansive that you feel lost, or encumbered by the responsibility of looking after them. Along with the off street parking that comes as standard with homes like these, there are also second bathrooms, master ensuites, and views of the spectacular skyline. There are also period and listed buildings which make for fantastic homes, but buyers should always beware of the limited alterations that are allowed with such architecturally significant homes.

£400,000 - £600,000

If you're looking for large gardens and double garages, then you'll be greeted by a myriad of options in the £400,000 to £600,000 price range. In secluded settings and modern developments there are a number of amazing homes, some are modern, others are more classical. In this bracket there are also spectacular barn conversions, small manors with annexe buildings and detached homes on cliff sides. The land attached with these four and five bedroomed homes are the perfect site for your hobbies and interests, be they gardening, sports or collecting classic cars. Turn these sites not just into your homes, but into your paradise and absorb the sea air the whole time. Between £500,000 and £600,000 there are fewer options, but the select six and seven bedroomed homes available in this range are perfect for investors looking to build an empire in Scarborough. These homes could be incredible guest houses or bed and breakfasts, they could also be happy homes for three generations at once.

£600,000 and above

Above £600,000 it is common that homes come with their own land, some have used this to establish businesses, whilst others have used this to tend to their hobbies. Homes costing more than £600,000 in Scarborough range from four and five bedroomed farm houses to 6 bedroomed properties with formal gardens. These homes are almost palatial and the land can be converted into annexes or other buildings. These homes aren't just a singular purchase, they're an investment in your future, that have to be viewed to be believed.