Buying in Sutton Coldfield

Buyer's Guide to Sutton Coldfield

Studio properties for Sale in Sutton Coldfield

For those buyers who are looking to take their first steps onto the property ladder in Sutton Coldfield then a studio could be right for you. First appearing on the market at £70k (at auction) these homes are ready to move into straight away, but can also benefit from modernisation. With clever storage and well-fitted white goods throughout. With combined kitchen and living spaces these compact properties are ideal for people who live their lives outside, and who use a home for sleeping and not too much else. Studios are scattered throughout the area, so you can have your pick of which amenities you want to be closest to.


1 bedroom apartments

True one bedroom flats for sale in Sutton Coldfield are available for as little as £110k (or £90k at auction), here you have more space to stretch out and make a property genuinely your own. Prices steadily increase up until the £135k mark by which point you can expect to find heaps of natural light in more recently built properties. The variation between bedroom and living room sizes makes it hard to pin down what the ‘typical’ one bedroomed home in Sutton Coldfield looks like.


2 bedroom properties

Two bedroomed properties abound in Sutton Coldfield, with the range of prices going from £135k all the way up to £435k. At the lower end of this range you can find large living spaces in classical properties, which are perfect for couples and families who want to make their first home in the area without ever feeling lost in the space. When you move through to properties costing in the region of £210k to £250k you move towards larger, more modern properties with more inbuilt lighting and generously sized living rooms. From £260k you’ll encounter the first properties in gated developments which ensure a quiet environment for you to relax in. At £325k detached bungalows appear on the market along with luxurious duplexes. For apartments in intensely characterful and perhaps even listed properties with two bedrooms you’ll be looking to spend upwards of £330k, but at this price you’ll also find a selection of newbuild two bedroomed houses in some of Sutton Coldfield’s most attractive areas. The choice is entirely yours to make.


3 bedroom properties

Three bedroomed homes dominate the market in Sutton Coldfield with families from around the world choosing to make this spot their home. The first terraces appear on the market at £200k, but these are seldom available for long, at £220k semi-detached homes come into view -- usually with a single parking space. For a driveway capable of housing two cars buyers can expect to pay over £250k. If you’re looking for a detached home where a family can make some noise then suitable homes present themselves for £300k and up. The prices then steadily increase with detached bungalows on the market for £325k and £360k at which point buyers can expect to find larger gardens which wrap around the property and create a quiet bubble. For barn conversion lovers there are a small number of these on the market from £450k and up and finally, for luxurious three bedroomed apartments with every modern comfort already fitted you can expect to pay upwards of £500k.


4 bedroom properties

Though there are slightly fewer four bedroomed properties on the market in Sutton Coldfield, the price variations are still huge. For between £350k and £400k you can find semi-detached and detached homes. What changes when you hit the £400k mark is usually the amount of space around the properties and perks such as separate double garages and larger gardens. After a sudden jump to over £675k you find grandiose farmhouse style properties which stand apart from their neighbours, and at the very highest prices (up to £850k) you find properties that are located just on the edge of Sutton Coldfield. These homes look like something from a modern fairytale, with sprawling gardens or even attached land.


5 and 6 bedroom properties

Five and six bedroom houses for sale in Sutton Coldfield can cost anywhere between £450k and £625k for five bedrooms and £750k and £900k for six bedrooms. At the lower end of this range you can find semi detached homes in some of the most exclusive streets of Sutton Coldfield. When you move up to the £625k marker you can find properties with more space, second and even third reception rooms! With guest bathrooms and dressing rooms becoming standard, these homes are the perfect choice for anyone who adores the impossible apartment styles shown in blockbuster movies. Six bedroomed homes costing around £750k are rare, so make sure to book your viewings quickly! These homes are much more common for between £850k and £900k. These sprawling and characterful properties provide more than enough space for three generations to spread out in. Whatever you choose to do with these homes, be they multi-generational family properties or houses to pursue your many hobbies in, you can be sure that you’ll be safe, warm and happy in Sutton Coldfield.