Renting in Sutton Coldfield

House share £400pcm

If you’re looking to work in Sutton Coldfield or the surrounding cities without committing to renting a whole house, then you’re in luck. House shares in our vibrant town are available from as little as £400pcm, for which price you can expect a well-sized private bedroom and communal bathroom and kitchen facilities. Total occupants of a house could be anywhere between 4 and 8 bedrooms and properties are spread throughout Sutton Coldfield. Whether you want to be close to the train station, or as far from it as possible, we’ll help you get there.


1 bed flat for rent in Sutton Coldfield £500 - £625pcm

For those wanting to have their own space, studios and 1 bedroomed apartments are the perfect choice. Prices vary from £500pcm to £625pcm, at the lower end of the spectrum you’ll find compact apartments with clever storage solutions, and at the higher end you’ll find more spacious and modern homes which are just waiting to be made your own. Styles are changeable and classical, meaning they are blank canvases that are waiting for you, and can be made to feel like home very quickly.


2 bedroom properties

For sharing professionals, young families and even individuals who just want a little more space to spread out in there are a number of two bedroomed properties available to rent. Terraced houses are rare in this market, so if you come across one you like move quickly! Predominantly you’ll find well presented apartments in a variety of locations. For smaller apartments with more compact living spaces you can expect to spend somewhere between £650pcm and £700pcm. For larger living spaces and sizeable bathrooms rents go up to £800pcm. Thanks to the variety of locations these apartments are in, families can have their pick of catchment areas for Sutton Coldfield’s many fantastic schools.


3 bedroom properties

The largest range of houses for rent in Sutton Coldfield comes when exploring the 3 bedroomed rental market. Whether you’re looking for a traditional terraced house with a front garden for £900pcm, or a semi-detached property with spaces at the front and rear for children to play in there will be something for you. Equally, if you’re looking for a penthouse apartment for £1800pcm, or even a place in a Grade 2 listed development for £3500pcm we can help you find your dream home. Homes at the lower end of this spectrum are likely to feature a single family bathroom and as you move up in monthly rental costs you’ll find second bathrooms and perhaps even an ensuite for the third bedroom. Renting in Sutton Coldfield is a great choice for families who want to benefit from the parents commuting to Birmingham whilst having their kids grow up in a smaller town. With all of this said, tenancies can be longer or shorter, giving you complete control over your housing needs.


4 bedroom properties

Though there are fewer 4 bedroomed homes in the Sutton Coldfield rental market, there is still a good selection of property types to choose from. A limited number of 4 bedroomed terraces and a slightly larger number of semi-detached homes can be found for between £1300pcm and £1500pcm. Above this price point you can expect to find larger gardens and living spaces, and at the £1600pcm mark the first detached properties appear giving families a space which is completely their own. For anyone seeking a 4 bedroomed bungalow, please note that these properties exist in Sutton Coldfield, but they are never on the market for long! You can find spacious homes which sprawl out across a single story for £2000pcm, and these are perfect for families of all ages, and even older groups looking to retain their independence in later life.


5 bedroom properties for rent in Sutton Coldfield

Finally, we come to the largest rental properties you’ll typically find in Sutton Coldfield! Starting on the market for for £2900pcm you can find a selection of detached 5 bedroomed homes which give families plenty of space to stretch out in as they often possess second reception rooms and large, wraparound gardens. Prices slowly climb until you reach the £3500pcm mark and then suddenly jump to up to £5000pcm at which point you can expect a life of luxury. For £5000pcm you can find exclusive homes on gated developments with the very largest gardens, electric double garages, dressing rooms and even balconies off of the master suites! Whatever you’re dreaming of can be found at this price, and Hunters are here to help.


Whatever you’re looking for our local area experts are here to help you find your dream home, so get in touch today! We can’t wait to meet you.