Buying in Tamworth

Interested in buying a property for sale in Tamworth? It’s certainly a good place to live. There are different types of properties available, to suit a variety of budgets.

Whether you’re looking for your first house, or a good-size family home, Tamworth has something for your taste.
This guide will give you an overview of what you can expect to buy, depending on how much you’ve got to spend.

£90k - £125k

The cheapest you can expect to find a property in Tamworth for is around £90k. There might be even cheaper on the market, but these will be homes that require a lot of work.

For somewhere you can move into right away, £90k is really the minimum. It won’t get you a lot, as you would expect. A small, cosy one bedroom flat or maisonette is about right for this price. At the higher end of this bracket, you’ll find more two bedroom flats for sale.

£125k - £175k

If you’re after somewhere a little bigger, with potentially as many as three bedrooms, you’ll need to move into this price range.

Here you’ll find a number of terraced houses, and possibly even a few semi-detached properties. Two or three bedrooms is pretty standard. You might find somewhere with four, although this is quite rare.
If £125k-£175k is your budget, you can find some very suitable homes in Tamworth.

£175k - £250k

Moving up a bracket, you’ll begin to see properties located in really nice parts of Tamworth.

Three or four bedroom semi-detached properties are quite standard, complete with a driveway, and possibly even a garage.

Similarly, you might find a townhouse, or possibly even a detached home. This is more likely at the higher end of the bracket. Any of the properties found in this price range would make the perfect family home.

£250k - £350k

If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can almost certainly afford to purchase a detached house. Most of the properties in this price bracket are detached or semi-detached. Again, featuring at least three or four bedrooms.

Or, if you prefer something a little different, there are often a couple of bungalows on the Tamworth market.
So as you can see, you have lots of options!


For a premium price, you can afford the best and biggest houses for sale in Tamworth.

This will be a detached property, with at least three or four bedrooms. Some on the market have as many as five or six, if that’s what you need. If you’re raising a big family, this is the option to go for. If you just have a lot of money and want a big space, then it’s also a good idea to purchase one of these homes.
To find a list of current properties on the market, of all prices ranges, visit our Property Search page, and type in ‘Tamworth’.