Buying in Worcester Park

Guide to Buying Property in Worcester Park


£200,000 - £250,000

The idyllic and picturesque area of Worcester Park is accessible from just £200,000 with a beautiful selection of studio and 1 bedroom apartments available. These are perfect first homes in the area and feature large amounts of light, balanced with modern open plan living which opens the space even further. These apartments are scattered across Worcester Park and are always close to great transport links that can have you in the town centre in 15 minutes, or central London in less than an hour. As you move through this price bracket, clearer room delineations come into place, and separate kitchen and living spaces become common. These properties usually benefit from being recently renovated and at least partially furnished, making them ideal if you are looking to move in immediately, and not be hassled with immediately needing to renovate.

£250,000 - £400,000

At the lower end of this price range are 1 bedroom apartments in highly sought after developments, but the majority of homes in this price range are beautiful 2 bedroom apartments and maisonettes. These are perfect for small families or those craving a spare room. Properties of this size in Worcester Park are available from anywhere between £250,000 and £400,000, and benefit from modern and spacious living areas. Though all of the town is beautiful, these smaller properties tend to be hidden in some of the most secluded and leafy streets at a fraction of the price of other homes. Homes at the top end of this price bracket are usually set apart by the size of the larger property they are set in. For example, as opposed to an apartment being part of a block which contains ten properties, the most expensive 2 bedroom apartments will perhaps only be part of a block of four homes.

£400,000 - £500,000

If you’re looking for a home split over two floors or a private garden, then your search for a home in Worcester Park starts from £400,000. Even the most modest 2 or 3 bedroomed terraced properties in the town usually come with a front or rear garden, as well as generously sized and well-lit kitchens. As you move up through the price bracket, bedrooms become larger and the gardens longer, ideal for families with young children, or anyone with a green thumb. The homes at the very top end of this price range feature designated off street parking for at least 1 vehicle, and there are even the rare semi-detached 3 bedroomed house. These rarities are never on the market for long though, so be sure to investigate as soon as you see the listing.

£500,000 - £600,000

For those looking for a larger family home, there is a charming range of 3 bedroomed semi-detached properties and 4 bedroomed terraces available for under £600,000. These homes balance leafy, foliage-filled surroundings with modern constructions and contemporary fittings. These are homes that you can truly grow into, and leave your own individual stamp upon. Light flows through these properties, sprawling gardens round out the idyllic image, and being just a short walk from anywhere in Worcester Park, these properties are truly beautiful.

£600,000 - £700,000

If you’re truly devoted to the dream of owning a 4 bedroomed semi-detached property in Worcester Park, then your dream home is likely to cost between £600,000 and £700,000. For this sum, you not only receive large bedrooms and bathrooms, but also off-street parking for at least two vehicles and some even fall into highly prized gated complexes. At the very top end of this price bracket these wonderful family homes start to feature additional living spaces and conservatories, so that everyone can have their own space and privacy. If you’re looking for a home which you’ll never feel cramped in, this could be the price range of homes for you.

£700,000 - £1Million

For those looking to host three generations or frequent guests, there is a wonderful selection of 4 and 5 bedroomed homes costing between £700,000 and £1Million. With bungalows, townhouses, semi-detached and detached properties in this range, you are certain to find your ideal property in this bracket. Benefiting from being in Worcester Park’s most sought after areas and developments, these homes are a prize for anyone looking to invest in a long term family home. From the stylish fittings to the timeless brickwork, these homes are beautiful examples of how Worcester Park combines the past and the present. With a number of new, exclusive developments in the area, these homes are exceptional homes which anyone would be proud to own. The quaint rural feeling of these properties allow you to escape the busy capital, but you are always connected to where you want to go.

£1Million and above

The most expensive homes in Worcester Park come with between 4 and 6 bedrooms, and a fantastic number of additional features. From indoor swimming pools to personal cinemas, there truly is something for everyone. Homes costing over £1Million balance characterful beams and stonework with only the most up-to-date inbuilt technology. Typically, these homes are detached properties with gardens that wrap around the house, creating a feeling of your own private haven. With open plan living that makes use of all the light pouring into the property, you’ll never feel short of space, and bathrooms are rarely shared, so you need never to fight over how long everyone is taking in the shower. If money’s no object when purchasing in Worcester Park, you’ll undoubtedly find your own personal paradise, you can escape the rest of the world, and create your ideal home.