Smooth Moves: 6 Top Tips for Moving House

Fri 01 Jun 2012


1. Make a welcome box.

Ok so this is one that I forgot on my last house move. I picked up a cheap kettle from a nearby shop, along with some teabags, but arrived back to my new home only to remember that I didn’t have any cups. Make a welcome box containing a kettle, cups,teabags, coffee, milk and sugar (or whatever takes your fancy) along with a snack or two, any medicines you take, and your phone charger (why is it that they always get hidden somewhere?) Putting essential tools in here for assembling furniture is also a great idea. 

2. Enlist help.

No matter how well you plan, moving is a big job, and the more hands on deck the better. Make a Facebook post offering a takeaway dinner (make it a good one) in exchange for help with moving. People might drop out on the day so make sure you have a few helpers lined up. Save the free beers for after you’ve finished!

3. Travel light

I’m also guilty of this one – it’s tempting to pack as much stuff as possible into one massive box, to cut down on the actual number of boxes. Of course, I then find that I can’t actually lift the thing. Don’t make the boxes heavier than you can comfortably lift on your own. At the same time, don’t underfill your boxes, as they can collapse if other heavy boxes are piled on top of them.

4. They see me rollin’

This is also a good tip for travelling or for sending clothes via mail/courier. Roll,don’t fold. This way, the clothes will crease less, and it’s easier and quicker than folding.

5. Fact Files

Make a fact file for whoever is moving in to your old place (how thoughtful of you), and ask the people at your new place to make one for you. It should include locations of stopcocks, gas shut off valves, and electric meters/switchboards, as well as useful info like rubbish/recycling days, locations of nearest doctors and dentists, and neighbours’ contact info (ask them first), along with any one-off handy tips and recommendations about the property and local area.

6. Clear out and organize

These seem obvious when they’re spelled out, but it’s easy to forget to do them in the run up to a move. In the few weeks before your move, declutter and throw away things you don’t use or don’t need. This is harder for some people than for others, but be ruthless – they less stuff you have to haul about, the easier it’sgoing to be. Labeling your boxes by room is vital, and colour coding them is an even better idea. It will give you the feeling of being organized, anyway.

7. Priceless Heirlooms

If you have anything really valuable to move, it’s a good idea to get it insured, as insured items rarely break. Finally, if you something super-valuable and treasured, it might be best to leave it unwrapped and take it in the cab with you. This also applies to children and pets.

Wishing you the best of luck with your move!

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