10 Best Ikea Hacks on Pinterest

Fri 08 Feb 2013

Ikea hacks -personalised versions of affordable favourites from a well-known Swedish furniture store. Sometimes the hacks are decorative, while sometimes make the original design more functional or sturdy. Being an eminently crafty corner of the web, Pinterest is just the place to find the most innovative Ikea hacks. Let's take a look at my top 10: 1. Tradig Chandelier This hac more

The two simple rules that keep homes clutter-free

Fri 25 Jan 2013

I live in a small flat. I hate dust, clutter and mess. I like surfaces to have clear space on them. For the most part have been pretty vigilant at keeping unnecessary "stuff" out of my living space. When people give me ornaments as presents, and I'm ashamed to admit this, I do tend to think 'but where is that going to go?' But just lately, I've noticed the tell-tale piles of book more

6 Ways to Upcycle Greeting Cards

Fri 11 Jan 2013

I always feel a bit guilty when it comes to chucking greetings cards in the recycling. But, I don't have much storage space, and I'm really averse to holding on to any kind of unnecessary clutter. However, many greetings cards are simply works of art. I've looked around web and found a few ways to upcycle greetings cards and give them a new life as something fabulous. 1. more

8 Quick & Creative New Year's Party Decorations

Fri 28 Dec 2012

Hosting a New Year's Eve party? Not sure how to theme it, but determined that it won't be a wash-out? Here are a few creative ideas to help you make a backdrop for a party that will see the New Year in with a bang, and never a fizzle.   1. Resolution Chalkboard This is a good conversation starter. Have a chalkboard in a prominent place - like the kitchen, or near the front door, more

Ikea Hacks - Christmas Style

Fri 21 Dec 2012

Ikea Hacks are upcycled and normally better versions of things from everyone's favourite affordable furniture peddler. Here are some festively-themed versions of the above from around the web. Wrapping Paper Storage 1   If you're anything like me, you end up with a pesky roll of wrapping paper after Christmas that ends up getting unceremoniously shoved in a cupboard. To keep you more

Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives

Fri 14 Dec 2012

If you have a small space to work with, you might not fancy a full-on pine-needle-dropping real Christmas tree. Also, real trees are impractical if you don't have a car to get them home with. The fake ones can look quite tacky as well, and neither option is the absolute best from an environmental perspective. I've seen lots of people get round the Christmas tree conundrum by making creative more

10 Ways to a Stress-Free Christmas

Fri 07 Dec 2012

I actually love Christmas, but I know it can become a time of extra pressure, expectation and ultimately, stress. I figure that as it's valuable time off work, I'd rather have some fun and a really good rest than get sucked into feeling obliged to do too much. Everyone will have their own ways of being stress-free, but here are my top 10: 1.      Stop sending more

Checklist for Securing your Home While You’re Away for Christmas

Fri 30 Nov 2012

Going away over Christmas? We hope you have a great time. Of course, only you know your home and its unique features and security needs, but here's a handy checklist that you can use as a starting point and add to or remove from as needed. Burglaries and accidents like house fires are more likely to happen over Christmas, as people stay away from where they normally live, and there's often more

10 Ways to a Cheaper, More Planet-Friendly Christmas

Fri 23 Nov 2012

Most people are no longer happy with the idea of Christmas as a season of excessive consumption and waste. Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert has even suggested an outright Christmas present ban, to take the pressure off people who simply can't afford the extra spend, but feel guilted into buying presents for the entire family. A lot of the time, people don't know what to buy and end up more

Real or Artificial Christmas Trees – which is greener?

Fri 16 Nov 2012

OK so I should start by saying that I really, really want the answer to be "real" trees. I want real Christmas trees to more environmentally friendly. The first ever fake Christmas trees were made by a company that specialised in manufacturing toilet brushes, which says it all, really.  BUT science pays little attention to decor chic, so lets have a look at facts on what makes a truly more