Instructing a solicitor 

There are several documents and processes that have to be completed prior to buying your dream home. In order to make sure this goes through smoothly and the sale reduces the risk of falling through, conveyancing process is vital. Conveyancing is the term that is used when the ownership of your purchase property is transferred to you. You will need to instruct a conveyancing solicitor to handle the paperwork and legal work involved in this process and whilst some try and do this without, it is highly recommended that you choose a solicitor to do this work. Hunters offers our own conveyancing service making your choice easy. 

How much will a solicitor cost?

  • Legal Fees: Their time spent doing the work for you as the client
  • Disbursments: Third party costs including searches, Stamp Duty, and land registry fees

Make sure you ask your solicitor if they offer a no move no fee offering, meaning if your sale falls through you won’t pay them the legal fees. Remember – until your property has exchanged, the sale is not legally binging. Hunters Conveyancing offers this service so enquire when you make your offer.

Costs can vary significantly dependent on the service offered and location of the purchase. It is useful to get a few quotes before instructing a solicitor. Don’t choose a company that confuses you with their quote. Make sure the quote is fixed for your work and includes everything you need. 

How to choose the solicitor for you?

The main thing to look out when choosing your conveyancing solicitor is that they have been awarded the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) certificate; this signifies they have the knowledge and expertise with property and offer you the best standard of work. 

Here are some questions to consider asking a conveyancing solicitor

  • Do you have a "no move, no fee" offer?
  • Are your fees fixed and does your quote include everything?

Want advice on conveyancing and instructing a solicitor?

Contact your local Hunters branch today and they can help