Hunters Home Improvement and DIY Guide

Many home owners nowadays either don’t get time to invest into improving their household, or simply don’t know how best to go about it. A mintel report states that since 2008, the rate of homeowners claiming to do DIY has been steadily falling, and the past 5 years have seen a 4% decrease in home owners investing into DIY, that’s around 2 million homeowners less than the previous years.

The fluctuation in home owner’s disposable income, as well as the varying inflation and property rates has seen 3 million property owners abandon improvement projects since 2011, in order to save money. What some people need to take into account, however, is that investing a small amount into a DIY project can have great benefit in terms of future finances. Especially if they are investing into making a property more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

DIY for your home can be both challenging and rewarding. Whether it is a more aesthetically pleasing property you are after, an eco-friendly home, or you just want to know the basics on how to make the most out of your property, then look no further. We here at Hunters have created an interactive property guide helping you learn more about both home improvement and how to make your house more eco-friendly. 

Click on a room below and see how you can add to your home:

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