10 Great DIY Ways you can Revamp and Green Your Bedroom

Now we are coming to the end of the summer and winter is slowly creeping up on us, the dynamics of our living situation may alter ever so slightly. Instead of taking our comfort in the back garden, roasting meat over the BBQ, nights may now be spent cuddled in bed with the heating whacked on full blast watching Christmas films.

That said, now is the perfect time for you to both revamp your room while considering the amount of wasted energy you may be producing this winter. There are many cool little ways that you can cheaply add to your bedroom to make it feel cosier this winter. Here are 5 great methods:

Roll out the Rugs

A well placed rug within your room, especially if your bedroom has laminated flooring can really change the mood of the room. Instead of being bare and sleek, the rug allows the room to give off a sense of cosiness and warmth. In these winter months, we would recommend going for woolly materials.

Make the most of your lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in setting the mood of your home. For example, bright light gives off the impression of liveliness and freshness, whereas dark, low level lighting creates a cosier, warmer feel to the room.

Curtains Over Blinds

Blinds are a stylish and cost effective method of covering the windows. However, blinds tend to leave the room with a fresh modern look and, since most of them are made of wood, they don’t really offer any warmth to the room. Curtains on the other hand are the perfect addition to a winter haven. Using textured curtains adds colour to your windows, as well as blocking out a lot of the cold produced from the window opening.


There is nothing worse than walking into a bedroom and smelling dirty washing or the takeaway you left from last night. Using accents is the perfect way to add a little extra spice to your bedroom. There are scents that are specifically made to release a calming smell and really create a relaxed warm atmosphere. You would be surprised just how much a sensual smell can change the feel of a room.

Colours Themes

Colours are by far the most important aspect to the mood of a room. For example, having walls, furnishings and even bedding blue-themed creates a soothing atmosphere but can tend to be quite cold. If you are looking to transform your bedroom into a cosy retreat this winter, we would recommend incorporating red and orange fittings such as lampshades, bedding, pillows and maybe even a lick of paint on the wall.

How to Make it Eco-friendly?

Now you know a few cool ways to spruce up your bedroom, how about investing in green materials and methods so that you can have a cosy and comforting room that also helps the environment. You may be wondering how to do this? Here are 5 tips for you to follow to get the most out of your room, while being environmentally responsible.

Beautify your room with Plants

Plants not only add to the aesthetics of a bedroom. As well as creating a fresh, natural smell, they also improve the air quality within your room, absorbing toxic chemicals and trapping any carbon dioxide that enters the air space. Not only this, but plants are proven to have a calming effect on a room’s occupants and can ultimately relieve stress. Avoid going for poisonous plants such as the common English Ivy and Dumbcane. Instead, opt for plants such as lavender, rosemary and orchids.

Use Eco-friendly lights

Lighting is one factor that often contributes to a lot of wasted energy within a house. Using non eco-friendly lights means bulbs that become heated and sometimes even smash. This creation of heat is completely wasted energy, and may even force you to turn on your air-con, consuming yet more energy unnecessarily.

LED lights are the perfect, ‘green’ solution to lighting your home. These lights are specifically made to be efficient in converting their energy into light instead of heat. They are also well renowned for emitting a large amount of light without making use of ultraviolet rays. Although LED lights aren’t the most cost effective, they are worth every penny and will most likely outlast two or three non LED bulbs.

Buy Organic Bedding

Although they are not the main contributory factor toward the waste of energy in your bedroom, mattresses and bedding do play a part. When you are looking to buy bedding, look out for organic, eco-friendly materials. Cotton is a definite no-go, as this crop is exposed to a huge amount of chemicals and pesticides in the production process. Good materials to use…

Limit the Number of Appliances in Your Home

You must have heard by now that switching off at the plug and not leaving appliances on standby is a great way to save money. Well, that is true but is it not better to also limit the amount of appliances you have in your house?

If it is a family home you live in, try limit the number of televisions, radios and laptops you have in your home. Not only does this lead to less energy being used per household, it also saves you the money it costs to purchase all of these appliances. An additional benefit is that if you are living with your family, having only one main TV in the living area supports quality family time.

Use Eco-friendly Paints

Many paints nowadays contain chemicals and high levels of volcanic organic compounds; basically the sort of chemical that release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Buying eco-friendly paints, especially if you are a frequent re-painter, limits the amount of harmful toxins being inflicted on both your body and the environment, as well as providing a long lasting and clean finish. The Guardian provides a great, in depth article about the use of eco-friendly paints, why to use them, and the benefits.