How to go Green in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are the place we probably spend the least time in within the house, yet it is one that usually has the most harmful chemicals compared to the rest of the home. You may not have even thought it possible to go green in your bathroom, let alone know how to. Well, not to worry. For those of you trying to go the extra mile to help the environment, we have listed a selection of methods that can help you do your little bit toward a cleaner and healthier environment.

Using Responsibly Sourced Toilet Paper

When it comes to flushing your toilet, try not to throw copious amount of tissue down as tissue is essentially paper and, as everybody knows, paper comes from trees.  There are many toilet paper brands available to the public and fortunately an increasing amount of brands are beginning to source their product from responsible locations. Look out for eco-friendly versions of their product line; for example, Andrex have released their Andrex Eco. As an added tip, remember to put down the toilet seat before flushing; this decreases the chance of any bacteria spreading in your bathroom.

Reducing the Amount of Water you put Down Your Drain

Saving the amount of water you put down your drain not only helps the environment but can reduce your water bill at the end of every month. There are so many ways that you can lessen the flow of wasted water. For example, investing in a low flow showerhead can help save you many gallons of water every month, while turning off the tap when you brush and putting a blocker in the sink when shaving instead of leaving the tap running can save even more.

Check your shower for any drips that need fixing. Drips are not only annoying when you are trying to sleep; they can lead to significant water wastage over time. Also, try not to leave your shower running. If the shower is taking too long to heat up and requires you run it for anything over 15 seconds, call out a boiler expert and see if you have a problem with your heating.

Not Using Harmful Chemicals to Clean

Your bathroom is one of the smallest, dampest rooms in the house. Therefore it is no wonder that there is often a build-up of mould around the surfaces of the bath, especially where the edges meet the walls. With this room being so poorly ventilated, it is the one room that should not be touched with chemical cleaners.

Using old traditional cleaning methods to clean the bathroom as opposed to mass manufactured chemical cleaners is the best way to go as green as possible. Remedies such as diluted vinegar or lemon juice are great for scrubbing away dirt; just let the substance sit on the dirty area for around 20-30 minutes and then scrub away.

Shower heads are one of the most common areas for mould growth. One of the best ways to combat this is simply to soak your shower head in white vinegar for around an hour, and then just rinse it clean. Finally, if it is the bath you want to scrub clean, mixing baking soda, castile soap and a few drops of your favourite smelling essential oils can provide the perfect suddy soap mixture to scrub away that lime scale.

Only Purchase Green Towels and Linens

Towels are a must in any bathroom, and it is guaranteed that if you go check out your towels, the vast majority will be made from conventional cotton. These types of cotton are one of the most chemically abused, pesticide sprayed crops on the planet!  It is said that around 2 billion pounds worth of synthetic fertilisers and 84 million pounds worth of pesticides are used on conventional cotton each year.

There are towels out there that are made from eco-friendly materials; you just have to look for them. The two materials to look out for are bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo is actually said to have a cleaning affect and antibacterial properties when spun into linens.

Not Using Disposable Products

Disposable products, especially non bio-degradable products, are one of the biggest nightmares for eco-friendly people across the world. When you are cleaning out your bathroom and transforming it into an eco-friendly haven, make sure you have this in the back of your mind. The only thing that should be disposable in your bathroom is toilet paper, which even then should be eco-friendly and used from recyclable material.

Opting for reusable rags or towels instead of frequently buying disposable paper towels goes a long way when it comes to being kind to the environment. As well as this, when considering toilet cleaners, try not to go for the one wash and chuck products. Instead, stick with the old school toilet brush method. While on the subject of toilets, if you really wanted to go all out, you could look into composting or dry toilers. The use of air fresheners should also be reconsidered, and they should only be bought if they can prove they are from a responsible source.