How to Make the Most out of a Small Living Space

The vast majority of home owners crave more space within their property. No matter how small or large a home is, dwellers are constantly looking for ways to open up the appearance of their home and make the living area look more spacious. With the current growth in city dwelling, the lack of space is in fact becoming a rapidly increasing issue as more and more people are investing into smaller homes to be closer to the city centre.

You yourself may have wondered, ‘How can I make my small living space seem larger?’ Well, not to worry; our Living Room addition to the home guide is all about making the most out of your small living space, and we have provided 6 great ways you can improve your living space and make it seem that much bigger.

Opening up Your Hall Way

The first area you should focus on, and the one that is most commonly connected to the living area is the hallway. When welcoming guests or leaving your home, this area can often seem a fuss to manoeuvre around, and will often lead to a build-up in frustration.

Maximize this space by introducing multipurpose furniture pieces, allowing a seating area as well as storage. If you do not have room for such items then consider using hooks and well placed shelving units. These can greatly increase the amount of available space leading into your living room. Also, as an added extra, having a mirror placed in a good position on the wall can give the illusion of more space due to it reflecting the rest of your home.

Use Light Colours in Your Living Room

Choosing the colour of wall paper or paint is often a difficult choice for new home owners. You are faced with choosing between a dark cosy atmosphere, a warm orangey feel, natural and clean greens, or fresh and modern whites, and these are just a few ideas.

If it is space you are after, we would recommend selecting the lightest option of decoration possible. If white is a definite no, then try going with pale greens or creams. The reasoning behind this is that by incorporating lighter colours into your home, you are allowing the light to reflect instead of being absorbed into the walls and furniture. This creates the illusion that the room is larger and a lot more ‘airy’.

Colour Code Your Shelves

On the subject of colours, if you happen to have shelving units for book or DVD storage, try to colour code the storage items. For example, if you have a great selection of books, they are probably not shelved in any particular order. This tends to make the shelving unit look very busy and cluttered. Colour coding the books creates the illusion of structure, and again adds toward the illusion of spaciousness. You don’t need use colour coding in particular as you can organise through size, type etc.


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Let the Light In

A home will look more spacious when decorated with lighter colours but, in order to reap the benefit, you also need to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of light entering your home in the first place. There are many ways of letting in more light. One great way is to use curtain rods that extend over the window frame. This way, when pulling back the curtains you can actually pull them to the side of the window frame, meaning the full window is exposed to the sunlight. Blinds are a very popular option in homes nowadays however they tend to block a fair bit of light due to them not exposing the window fully, even when open.

Using large mirrors throughout the living area also helps reflect the light around the entire room. As well as this, the reflection of the living room adds the illusion a larger space.

Opt for Larger ‘Statement’ Furniture

As strange as it sounds, opting for larger furniture, such as a one piece corner sofa or a large coffee table actually makes the living area seem much larger than it is. The reasoning behind this is that too many small pieces of furniture, such as 2 or 3 smaller sofas and a couple of coffee tables or numerous storage pieces actually make the room seem cluttered. By incorporating fewer, but larger, pieces of furniture you make the room seem much tidier and better organised, meaning more uncluttered space is visible, increasing the illusion of having more space. 

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Choosing Multipurpose Furniture and Moving them Away From the Walls

Buying multipurpose furniture means there is less of a need for additional, space consuming pieces cluttering your living room. Great multipurpose additions are coffee tables that double as cd, DVD or book storage, sofas that allow for storage underneath them and TV stands that double as storage facilities.

Even having a few storage facilities may still make your room look cramped. A great trick to create the illusion of more space is to move your main furniture away from the wall. Furniture that is packed tightly against the wall gives off the impression of compact space. Therefore pulling them out by just a few inches can open up your living space and also allow your walls to breathe.