Hunters Guide to Cleaning Your Home

It’s that time of year again! Spring-cleaning is in full swing. What better way to greet the warmer weather and a season of renewal than with a deep-down spring-cleaning and a little organisation to make your home feel like new? If you’re planning on selling this year, this will also help appeal to prospective buyers and could mean the difference between sale or no sale!

Motivating yourself to do housework

Housework and chores are probably the world’s most procrastinated task. Let’s face it, for most of us, they’re boring, and it’s time we’d rather spend doing something a lot more fun or productive. Of course, the cleanest way out of a sticky situation is to pay someone else to do it, but right now we have to do our own housework so here are some easy motivational tips that don’t require too much thought or planning. Rather, they’ll get you cleaning quicker, allowing you to get on with the more important stuff, like drinking wine.

Pump up the volume

We love to listen to 90's music at Hunters since we started in 1992 

Any kind of high-energy, high-volume choice will of course do the job, and it might even motivate those around you to help out a bit. If you're struggling for inspiration here is a curated playlist from some of Hunters Head Office for you to listen to; you'll be scrubbing away in seconds.

It’s exercise!

Housework, however you do it, is great exercise. Just think of all those calories you’re burning as you clean. It’s cheaper than any exercise class out there, and you get a spotless home into the bargain. 

Read this great guide from Great Housekeeping on how to exercise whilst working out!

Friends with benefits

Set a deadline! And by this, I don’t mean setting your own deadline (let’s face it, that’s unlikely to work), but rather, invite some friends on to a video call later in the day. This makes you look at your home in the way that a guest might do, and gives you a time limit to get the place looking spotless – very motivating.

Much better than rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic

I might be a bit strange on this one, but I really like rearranging rooms, and the new sense of perspective it creates. I find it’s then really motivating to clean and tidy the new space. It’s also a great way to maintain deep cleaning, as it forces you to hoover up those patches of dust that appear under sofas.

Ten tips for speed cleaning

Don’t just clean faster, clean smarter with these 10 tips that will shave chunks off your weekly cleaning time.

Make cleaning a part of your routine

If you are someone who works hard and has a social life to match, it is hard to set a weekly routine as your ‘spur of the moment lifestyle’ can change this routine quite quickly. Also, it’s nice to try and keep your weekends free so you can thoroughly relax and avoiding onerous tasks of any kind, so having cleaning scheduled in every weekend can become a chore. However, if you’re the kind of person who works well with set routines, it’s a great idea to have a look at the many online examples of weekly cleaning routines which means that you do a bit a day, and everything gets sorted with minimal planning time.

Ever heard disparaging remarks about “too-perfect” houses, or people living in “showhomes”? Yet some of us crave that kind of minimalistic order.  There are some of us that let it pile up for weeks then panic when we have guests coming round and there are the Monica from Friends type. So we have set about looking for some tips on how to keep interiors spotless with simple day-to-day routines.

Make a list

Keeping a list of small tasks (perhaps pinned to the fridge) and picking a couple to do each day that you’re at home, or not on a day off can really help fitting the small cleaning jobs that pile up at bay. Obviously, things like cleaning bathroom appliances will need doing more often than deep-cleaning jobs such as dusting blinds.

But what to do and when?

So how often should we do each cleaning snippet in order to maintain a somewhat perfect living environment? Washing up has to be done daily, or rather straight after you’ve eaten, add to this wiping surfaces, sweeping the floor, and shining your kitchen sink and draining board. As for general tidying, housekeeping just picking up after yourself can really help, then you never have to have a big tidy.

Keeping a squeegee in the shower lets you give your shower surround a quick clean each day and it’s a lot more fun than a long-protracted scrub every couple weeks. Bathrooms need to be cleaned every week to 2 weeks depending on how much use they get – again, this is something you can break down into small, quick tasks to go on your daily list. Hoovering floors tends to need doing once a week at a minimum and changing bed sheets is a weekly job too.

Finally, the more deep-clean stuff and the key to keeping things looking spotless long term. These are things that need doing every 2-6 months-ish. Cleaning kitchen cupboards, dusting skirting boards and doors, cleaning the fridge, hoovering under sofa cushions, cleaning windows, and cleaning blinds etc.

It's Spring - they call it Spring Cleaning for a reason!

While it might seem like a massive undertaking, don’t fret; we have some quick and thorough cleaning strategies for you. Continue reading for our top 6 spring cleaning tricks to refresh your home.

1.    Dust all your forgotten places.
Put your dryer to work and toss drapes, curtains, and even throw pillows in the dryer for 15 minutes on the "air-only" cycle, or just shake out vigorously then rehang immediately to prevent wrinkles. Another spot to tackle? Your lampshade. Speed up the process with a lint roller.

2.    Nix carpet dents.
Do you have dents from furniture feet all over your carpet? Use a blast of steam from your iron to disguise imprints- just hold the iron above the area, press the “steam burst” button several times, then fluff the carpet up. Another option? Putting an ice cube in each indention, letting cubes slowly melting, then lifting carpet fibres back up. The water encourages the fibres to swell and return to their original shape.

3.    Launder rugs, slipcovers and curtains. 
When the soft furnishings of our home are fresh and clean, it gives the whole place a lift. Slipcovers should be replaced on the furniture while still slightly damp for the best fit. Small rugs can often be laundered at home; send larger ones out to be professionally cleaned. On a sunny day, drying white curtains outdoors on a line will help naturally whiten them. Pin them up, then enjoy a cold drink in the garden while they flap in the breeze.

4.    Focus on your fridge/freezer.
You probably wipe down your fridge’s interior shelving regularly already, but don’t forget about the rest. Pop out the door shelves and bins, and wash in warm, soapy water to get rid of harmful food bacteria and spillage. Wait until just before your weekly shop, when there’s less food in the house and defrost your freezer, wiping all the surfaces and banishing ice build up. 

5.    Deep Clean the Carpets
Carpets are an especially needy area. Regular vacuuming is important, of course, but you should try to give them a good steam cleaning every now and then, too. Shampoo all of the floor coverings you can. Target especially high-traffic zones and stains that have been bugging you all year.

Go over your carpets with the vacuum first to remove the top layer of dust, dirt and crumbs. Then use a steam cleaner to focus on the deeper stains and grime.

6.    Declutter the Chaos
And finally, just get rid of those unnecessary items throughout the house! That means spring clean your way through the piles of magazines and catalogs, newspapers, unused hangers and coffee mugs – anything that’s collecting dust. You don’t need them, they probably don’t serve any emotional connections for you, and they’re just making your home way more cluttered than it needs to be. It’s time for a trip to the recycling bin or charity shop! It may feel overwhelming at first, but this home organisation tip alone can help bring back that Zen-like feeling into your home.

And there you have it! These are our easy spring-cleaning tips that will make your home shine and give you that fresh sense of renewal. So, pull on those gloves, clear out the clutter, and get to work!

For more tips on maintaining, updating or selling your home, contact your local Hunters branch today.