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Sydenham is a suburban district of South East London, originally located in Kent until 1889 when it was founded as the country of London. The suburban district dates as far back as the 1600’s under its former name of Shippenham. Back in this time, the area was known for being a small settlement with only a few cottages among vast amount of forestry.

Sydenham quickly began to industrialize in the 19th century after the introduction of the Croydon canal in 1809. The canal proved to be a failure, which brought about the Croydon railway company purchasing the canal space to implement train tracks in 1839. Being one of the first train tracks in the London area, Sydenham now attracted many potential gas companies, including the one now covered with a retail park at Bell Green.

What to do

Sydenham is a place with a rich history, as well as a rich present. In both upper and lower Sydenham there are a great range of local amenities. The area is home to a great deal of independently owned bookshops, bakeries, cafes and coffee shops. There are also a fair amount of pubs, bars and restaurants available for those who enjoy a little evening entertainment.

Sydenham is also great for both food and commercial retail, being home to many chain stores such as Lidl, Tesco, The Co-op, as well as Superdrug, Lloyds Bank and even Mercedes Benz! There are also a variety of clothing stores; boutique, chain and independent.

Sydenhm is also home to a varety of picturesque conservational areas and notable buildings, including Crobbs Corner, Dulwich Village, Sydenham Park, memorial to queen victoria and the Sydenham Thorpes. As well as these, recreational parks include Mayow Park, Sydenham Wells Park and Lewisham’s oldest municipal parks, of which both are green flag awarded.


Sydenham actually has a very impressive education rating, with none of the local or surrounding area schools ever failing by Ofsted. There are a number of primary schools within the Sydenham area, including five that are non-religious. As well as this, Sydenham is also home to two secondary schools; Sydenham High School (private) and Sydenham School.


Being located in travel zones 3 and 4, Sydenhams local transport networks are run by the National Rail and London buses. The area has a number of trains that allow travel both into the capital, around the Sydenham area, as well as outbound journey. The buses are also very frequent and offer the same.

Sydenham is a beautiful area filled with great properties, from terrace to town, semi to detached, Victorian to cottage, so it will undoubtedly have something for you.

If you are currently looking into the Sydenham area to either buy, rent or sell a property, get in touch today for your free property valuation and expert advice.