Things to Shout about Brixton

Tue 13 Jun 2017

There is a lot happening in Brixton of late that is making it an even more attractive place to live and work in. This positivity shines through in the value of property which has continued to rise - up around 22% since 2014. (source: Firstly, London is seeing new multi-purpose work spaces being developed to cater for the surge in the populat more

The Best Place to Get a Good Value Property and Top Quality Education is Birmingham

Fri 21 Aug 2015

As teenagers around the county received their GCSE results this week, a new map has been released, showing where exactly in England you should live for a combination of good value property and top quality education. According to the research by online estate agent eMoov, Birmingham is the best place to live for parents who want a low house price and a good education for their children. The more

Smart Wallpaper Could Transform the Technology in Your Home

Fri 07 Aug 2015

So far we have seen smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart fridges, and more. According to a team of researchers though, the ultimate home achievement for a futuristic and technological home is smart wallpaper. Researchers from Nanyang Technological College in Singapore have now developed a form of printed electronics that can transform the walls of your home into a range of different digital more

A Step-by-Step Guide to Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

Fri 24 Jul 2015

Paying off your mortgage early is one of the best investments you can make, as it frees you from a large chunk of debt, releases you from the rollercoaster ride of the property market, and gives you extra spending money for the extra little luxuries you have always wanted to buy. Check out our step-by-step guide to paying off your mortgage early: Reduce Your Outgoings There are lots of more

6 Simple Hacks to Help Your House Move Go Smoothly

Tue 14 Jul 2015

If you are moving house this year and starting to think about all the packing and work that needs to take place, try not to worry about it and get too stressed out. The anticipation and excitement involved with moving house can make you feel like you want to dive in head first, but that's not always the best idea. Here's a list of handy tips and tricks to make your house move go as smoo more

How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Wed 08 Jul 2015

There has been quite the heat wave in Britain over the last couple of weeks, and it's not even the middle of July yet. As summer goes on, we are quite likely to see more warm weather taking over and making us feel sticky and uncomfortable as we try to sleep each night. The majority of houses in this country don't have air conditioning built in, so when the temperatures outside rise, it more

1 in 3 Homebuyers Choose a Short Commute Over Living Near Family

Wed 17 Jun 2015

There are lots of different factors to take into consideration when looking to move house, including the location of the property, proximity to family and friends, local schools, and transport links. But what's the most important? A new survey has found that 33% of people consider a property's proximity to their place of work to be the main priority when looking to move house. Buyers wo more

Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Spare Room

Mon 15 Jun 2015

Many homes have a spare room these days, but unfortunately most homeowners don't tend to make the most of them. This valuable space is often ignored and used rarely when friends or family come to stay. With a carefully thought-out layout and an innovative design, your spare room could be transformed into a practical and functional space, with the potential for every day use. Here are a more

How to Get Your Decking Ready for Summer

Thu 11 Jun 2015

The sun is out, plants and flowers are blooming, and the temperature is rising, so there is no reason not to sit outside after a long day at work and relax at the weekend in your beautiful garden. Spending time outdoors in the fresh, summer weather is one of the most wonderful and refreshing things you can do, especially when it's in your own back garden. To make this time even better, it more

5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Estate Agent

Fri 22 May 2015

    Buying or renting a property can be a very stressful situation to be in, especially when it's not just you moving into the property. Finding an ideal house that fits with your needs, children's needs and expected price is usually one of the hardest aspects of house hunting, so when it comes to getting down to the nitty-gritty once you have found one, make sure that what yo more