How to Decide Where You Should live in London

Wed 20 May 2015

Greater London is a huge area covering approximately 600 square miles of land, and has more than eight million people living in it. Within Greater London there are lots of different boroughs and housing markets, meaning if you want to move to London, narrowing down the exact area in which you want to live can be tricky. Property group CBRE has analysed both the inner and outer boroughs of G more

Top Stain Removal Tips for the Home

Wed 22 Apr 2015

There's no point crying over spilt milk, or spilt wine, or anything you have spilt in fact. When you have spent a long time decorating your home, and choosing the perfect materials for curtains, carpets, furniture, and more, the last thing you want is for it to become stained. If you're battling a tough stain, then don't panic. Here are some home remedies that will help get even the m more

Property Values Could be Boosted by £38k if Near a Good Supermarket

Thu 09 Apr 2015

  When looking to buy a new house, there are usually quite a few factors taken into consideration, including whether there are good transport links, what the schools are like if you have, or are thinking of having, a family, and whether the crime rates are low.   A new study has now found that having a good supermarket nearby is also an important factor homebuyers are now look more

5 Easy Home Staging Tips for Spring

Mon 23 Mar 2015

Everyone knows that spring is the best time to sell your house. Once everyone is comfortably settled into the new year, with winter well and truly behind us, and holiday plans still a few months away, the warm season of spring tends to encourage homeowners to take on a new adventure. With the months of April and May, comes sunshine, flowers, and plenty of opportunities to freshen up the app more

Could 3D Printed Mud Houses Be The Future of Construction?

Mon 23 Mar 2015

We've heard about 3D printed houses before, but never in the same sentence as the word "mud". An Italian 3D printing company, called World Advanced Saving Project (WASP), has now demonstrated how it can print 3D mud houses using clay. What makes these 3D houses extra special though, is that the clay used comes embedded with plant seeds that will grow into a root system, supporting the more

Money Management Tips for Cohabiting Couples

Mon 23 Mar 2015

  There are over 6 million cohabiting couples living in the UK. This is double the amount there was twenty years ago. Many couples are comfortable living together without getting married, meaning financial situations can often become confusing.   When you live together and have separate finances, it's easy to end up arguing about who pays for which bills and whether your par more

How to Ensure You Get Your Deposit Back From Your Landlord

Mon 16 Mar 2015

  Anyone who has rented before will know that it isn't always as easy as it should be to get your deposit back when you move out. The majority of contracts state that tenants will get their deposits back if they property is left in the same condition as when they moved in with an allowance for "wear and tear".   Here are some tips to make sure you get your full security more

5 Cool Gadgets That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Fri 06 Mar 2015

  The kitchen is the hub of any family home. Most people eat in the kitchen up to three times a day, it's the place where you store all your food and drink, and it's often where you host dinner parties when family and friends come over.   If you love your kitchen, then preparing a meal can be a really wonderful thing to do, especially if you have the space and tools to cre more

Are Skinny Properties the New Trendy Homes?

Wed 04 Mar 2015

As property prices in the south east of England are still incredibly high, buyers are having to use all their savings to buy homes that are often only the size of a garage. There have been some incredibly small properties sold in London for extortionately high prices, even though the homeowner may struggle to turn on the spot with their arms open. A new trend has been seen over the last few more

London is no Longer the Most Unaffordable Place to Live in Britain

Thu 26 Feb 2015

You would be forgiven for thinking that London was the most unaffordable place in Britain to live, but research has found that this is not actually the case. Oxford is officially the least affordable place in Britain to buy a house. Research by Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder professor of geography at the University of Oxford, found that house prices in Oxford have rapidly increased, pushi more