Top Resources to Help you Choose a New Neighbourhood

Mon 07 Apr 2014

When you are looking to buy or rent in an area that you are not familiar with, one of the first things you need to do is find out about the local area and what it has to offer. If you have children, it is important to find out where the nearest schools are and if you are going to be commuting to work, you might want to find out where the nearest public transport is or what the traffic in th more

Is 2014 the Right Time to Sell Your House?

Tue 25 Mar 2014

So far 2014 has been action packed in the property world, with house prices continually on the up and George Osborne announcing new measures in the budget that will affect the entire housing industry. A survey from Halifax has found that over 50% of people think that 2014 is going to be a good time to sell a property, demonstrating an increase in confidence in the property market. This is more

The Price of One London House Could Buy You 25 in Scotland

Tue 18 Mar 2014

If you are casually hanging around with PS1.8 million pocket and wondering what on earth to do with it, then when it comes to the property market, you have two choices: buy a three bedroom house in London or buy 25 three bedroomed houses in Scotland. A survey by Hometrack covered 376 council areas around the country and found that a family home in the London borough of Kensington and Chelse more

Add Value to Your Home With These 5 Simple Steps

Wed 12 Mar 2014

If you are thinking of selling your home soon, then you are going to want to get as much for it as possible and squeeze the pennies out. With the average house price rising rapidly over the last year, adding as much value to your home as possible before selling it is a great idea. You don't want to renovate the whole house, as that would defeat the point if the extra value gained didn't more

How to Improve Your Credit Score and Get a Mortgage

Tue 11 Mar 2014

Improving your credit score is not about being passive - in fact the complete opposite - you have to be savvy to improve your score. People who are active in improving their credit score tend to have higher and better credit scores. There are a number of things that you can do to significantly improve your score very quickly and see a change in those vital numbers. Using Credit Credit more

Hometrack Survey Reveals Price Rises in Over Half the Country

Thu 06 Mar 2014

According to property researchers at Hometrack, the price of homes in over half of England and Wales has increased for February. This is the highest proportional increase in England and Wales since 2004 and goes to show that the housing market is improving. This is the first time this has occurred for more than half the country at one time for over a decade. The survey, which tracks postcod more

Top 5 Tips for Buy to Let Success

Mon 03 Mar 2014

The stock market can be unnerving, with low rates and a high level of volatility, people often back away from any potential situations that could result in a loss of money. A property however, is one asset that the majority of people feel more comfortable with. Property investment can appear to be a very attractive long term financial venture, as the majority of people will buy and sell a p more

Luxury Flat in Hyde Park is Most Expensive in the Country

Tue 25 Feb 2014

A penthouse in Hyde Park, London, is now the most expensive rental property in England, after it was put on the market for a whopping PS200k a month. The owner of the vast apartment has broken rental records with this figure - approximately one and a half times the average London salary. The five bedroom apartment is located in the most expensive block of flats in the world, of which comp more

London Rental Price Gap Continues to Widen

Wed 19 Feb 2014

The price to rent a house in London is becoming increasingly varied depending on where your preference to live is. Recent figures have shown that there is now a whopping PS4,411 difference in the asking rents across the capital between the cheapest and the most expensive houses.  According to data from the Move with Us Rental Index, the most expensive borough to rent a property in is K more

A Guide to Choosing the Best Home Insurance

Tue 18 Feb 2014

Your home is the most important purchase you will ever make in your life and it will most likely be your biggest asset, this means it is vital that you have the best home insurance plan to protect it. There are tons of different options and plans available, you just need to make sure that you choose the best one for you. Some deals might sound great but not be suitable for your property, so more