What to do When it Comes to Downsizing

Mon 23 Jun 2014

Downsizing your property can be quite an emotional upheaval. You can feel really sad to be leaving your home, but at the same time excited to be embarking on a new adventure and starting a new life. People downsize for many different reasons, it could be due to your children flying the nest, or perhaps you are moving in with a significant other. Either way, you are going to have to work out more

Could Your Property be Earning More Money Than You?

Mon 16 Jun 2014

Property prices are now increasing at such a speed that houses are earning more a year than the people who live in them. Research carried out by the MailOnline has revealed that across the country increasing house prices are outstripping most annual salaries. Chancellor George Osborne has now taken action to decrease the amount that buyers can borrow, in an attempt to limit loans in relatio more

Could the Help-to-Buy Scheme get you on the Property Ladder?

Fri 13 Jun 2014

The UK government's Help to Buy scheme has been dogged with controversy since its introduction last year, and part of the system may even be scrapped under EU ruling. But while it's still around, could you make use of the scheme to get on the property ladder? What is the Help to Buy Scheme? It's a UK government scheme designed to help first-time buyers to get a home, or to help peop more

Apple’s New Technology Could Turn Your Property into a Smart Home

Wed 28 May 2014

Tech giant Apple has announced plans to launch a platform focussed on "smart home" devices during its Worldwide Developer Conference next week. This means that the competition is back on with Google, who have recently bought the Nest thermostat company and are also reportedly looking to buy another home business. These days we have tons of intuitive technology at our fingertips, but the more

It’s Nice up North – Harrogate is the Happiest Place to Live

Wed 21 May 2014

The general consensus has always been that it's "grim up north", but a recent survey has now proved that to be way off the mark, with the happiest place in the country named as the beautiful spa town of Harrogate for the second year running. The survey asked around 50,000 homeowners how contented they were with the area they lived in and their home, along with a few other measurements more

Which Room Renovations Will Boost Your House Value the Most?

Mon 19 May 2014

With a flurry of home-related TV shows currently gracing our screens, DIY and home renovation have become more popular than ever, and homeowners are now making changes left right and centre to boost the value of their property. There are the obvious ways to increase property value, such as building a swimming pool in your garden or adding an extension to the back of your home, but sometimes more

What Makes a Good Investment Property?

Mon 28 Apr 2014

If you are looking to invest in a property for buy-to-let, then it is important that the property you end up buying is going to be suitable and deliver the best returns. Property is now one of the top four most common investments, alongside cash, bonds and shares. Once you have made the decision to invest in property however, it can be difficult to work out where to begin, what you need to more

Mortgages – How to Know how Much you can Afford

Tue 22 Apr 2014

Mortgages, for the majority of us hoping to buy a home, are a necessary part of the process. The main reason being few of us tend to have hundreds of thousands of pounds in our wallets and so a loan of this form is a necessity. One of the things that people tend to struggle with when looking for a mortgage is understanding just how much they can actually afford. Even though the bank may off more

Renovating an Empty Property: Where to Begin

Thu 17 Apr 2014

Buying an empty house that needs a bit of renovation and restoration can be very exciting. You are presented with a blank canvas that allows you to change anything you like and design the house of your dreams from scratch. Taking on a property that needs a big make over can have two great benefits; firstly, they are likely to be cheaper than the other houses in the area and secondly they pr more

Top 5 Weirdest Houses in the World

Wed 09 Apr 2014

The majority of houses look somewhat alike, and in general tend to be a similar shape and size. Throughout history, homes have gone from mud huts, to castles, to block of flats and back again. In between these times some of the weirdest shaped houses have been built. With a bit of creativity and a whacky architect on your side, it is easy to create the house of your dreams, whatever shape and more