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This is the Hunters Hythe Estate Agents landlord guide. We’ve put this together because we know that venturing into the landlord arena in Hythe is not straightforward. There is a slew of legal documentation that you must pursue before you begin, and here we detail exactly what you’ll need.

In addition, for those who are looking to buy-to-let, we have detailed the current average property prices in Hythe by category at the bottom of this document.

Tenancy Agreement

Chief amongst your documentation concerns is the tenancy agreement. This guarantees the rights of both yourself and your tenants as you enter into a contract of tenancy.

You will find on the UK Government website a model Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST), which is free to download. It contains extensive guidelines as to what information both parties should provide for a sound tenancy agreement, as well a template agreement which you may use to fill in the blanks.

The most important part of your AST is the part that declares that you will have the full right to take back possession of your property from your tenants at the end of the fixed term of agreement.

If, at any point, you decide to terminate a tenancy for any reason, you are required to give the tenants a full two months’ notice.

There is no minimum term that your AST is required to specify, however your tenants are in their full right to stay in your property for at least six months.

Nor is there a maximum term – a single tenancy agreement can serve as the documentation for as long as all parties are happy for it to do so. However, if you decide upon a fixed term that exceeds three years then you will need to seek out a solicitor who will create an official deed for the arrangement.

Above all else, you must ensure that your tenancy agreement includes the following information:

  • Landlord’s full name

  • Tenant’s full name

  • Address of property

  • The date when the tenancy will commence

  • The duration of the tenancy

  • The amount of rent payable, including details of how and when it should be paid

  • What other payments are expected of the tenant, including utilities bills and Council Tax

Landlord Inventory

The second most important document on your agenda is the landlord inventory. Here you will detail all of the contents of your property before the tenant enters. Upon arrival, the tenant must then be taken through your property with a copy of the document in hand. The condition of all of your property’s contents must be detailed, and the tenant will sign both copies of the document to acknowledge its accuracy.

If any items in your property go missing or are damaged during the tenancy, then the inventory serves to ensure that the tenant is liable for the costs of repairs and/or replacements.


As the landlord you will collect a deposit from your tenants upon entry, usually equivalent to one month’s rent. This money will serve to protect you should the tenant leave the property without paying a rent, or if any of your property’s contents go missing or are damaged during the tenancy.

If you need to withhold any or all of the deposit, then you must provide the tenant with evidence, such as receipts, as to the costs of repairs and/or replacements of belongings. Otherwise, the full deposit must be returned to the tenant when the fixed term comes to a close.

Other Documents and Considerations

The landlord is also responsible for the health and safety of the tenant with regards to gas, electric and fire safety.

Property Prices in Hythe

Currently, the average value given on all properties in Hythe over the past 12 months stands at £316,999 (up 5.42%)

Categorically, the average values of houses in Hythe break down as follows:


£444,419 (up 2.49%)


£280,121 (up 2.74%)


£234,806 (up 2.34%)


£217,596 (up 5.61%)

estate agents in hythe
estate agents in hythe

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