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Hunters Hythe Seller’s Guide

You want the best price for your property, and here at Hunters Hythe Estate Agents we’re determined to see that you get it.

We’ve put this seller’s guide together to help you ensure that both you and your property are prepared for sale.

Preparing For Sale

A quick sale at the best price is the ideal scenario, and in order to achieve this there are certain steps that you can take.

To begin, make sure that you are giving a great first impression of your property to all who encounter it. Tidy up the outside. Trim back the hedges and weed the garden if you have them/one. If your doors and window frames need a lick of paint, then give it to them. Clear all pathways and drives, and fill any cracks and repair/replace any tiles or flagstones.

First impressions count, but they are not the be all and end all. When people are buying a property, they like to have the feeling that they can do as much with the space to make it truly theirs as possible. This means that you need to create space. If you can completely clear out any bedrooms, then do so before you start soliciting viewings. You can get the Hythe council to take large items away very cheaply, or, if need be, hire out some storage space where you can deposit any wardrobes or beds etc. until you can find a more permanent home for them.

It’s also advisable to furnish your estate agent with documentation as to the costs of living in your property. Knowing how much the council tax is, what the utilities bills amount to and what sort of deal is available on house insurance will help separate the real buyers from the plain nosy ones, which will lead to a quicker sale.

Setting The Right Price

Here at Hunters Hythe Estate Agents, we will help set the most realistic price for your property. But to get an idea of what yours is worth, it’s best that you do some research into similar properties as yours that are on sale. The prices below will help you.

Currently, the average value given on all properties in Hythe over the past 12 months stands at £316,999 (up 5.42%)

By category, the average values of houses in Hythe break down as follows:


£444,419 (up 2.49%)


£280,121 (up 2.74%)


£234,806 (up 2.34%)


£217,596 (up 5.61%)

Smooth Sales And Conveyancers

You will need to seek out a licenced conveyancer to help you complete the legal requirements involved with selling your property.

When doing so, make sure that you obtain a range of quotes to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Conveyancers who can offer you a no-deal/no-fee contract certainly make a very attractive offer.

Once you have appointed a conveyancer, then you will need to provide full details about your property. This is usually conducted via a questionnaire which the conveyancer will provide you with. You will need to disclose if you’ve ever had any disputes with your neighbours, if your home has ever been broken into, who owns the borders of your property, amongst many other things besides. It is a legal requirement that you are truthful in your answers.

The final stage of the process comes when contracts are exchanged. Following this, the date for completion will normally be set two weeks later, when the money should be in the bank and the new owners can pick up the keys from the agent.

estate agents in hythe
estate agents in hythe

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