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Here at Hunters Tenterden, we know that becoming a landlord is no walk in the park, though it can be well worth it for the serious revenue that you can generate from the endeavour. There is a multitude of legalities and documents that you must ensure are in full working order before anything is signed between you and your tenant.

That’s why we’ve put together this essential guide to help you through the process. Perhaps you’ve already got a property in Tenterden which you plan to rent out, or you might be thinking about buying a second property in the area for the purposes of becoming a landlord. Either way, the guide below will walk you through everything that you need to get you up and running. If you’re looking to embark on a buy-to-let venture, then at the bottom of this document you will find the current average house prices in Tenterden for your convenience.

Tenancy Agreement

You can’t begin your career as a letting landlord without drawing up a tenancy agreement between yourself and your prospective tenants. Indeed, the tenancy agreement will be the most important document that you will encounter when letting your property.

The purpose of the tenancy agreement is to set out the rights for both you as the landlord and your tenants. It is a legally binding document, and what is included in it must be thoroughly thought out and contrived with diligence and accuracy.

The government provide a model Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) which is free to download. It includes extensive guidelines as to the information that both parties will need to provide, and also proffers a ‘fill in the blanks’ model agreement, which you can base your own AST on.

The most important section of your tenancy agreement is found in the wording that decrees that the landlord will have the right to repossess the property when the agreed term of tenancy comes to a close.

There is no minimum term that is typically specified in an AST, though you must be aware that your tenants will have the right to remain in your property for at least six months upon entering.

There is also no maximum term that necessarily needs to be specified by law, despite the fact that the title of the agreement alludes to a ‘shorthold tenancy’. In practice, a single AST can stand as the contract for as long as both the landlord and the tenant are happy for it to do so. However, if you agree upon a fixed term that extends beyond three years, then you must seek out the employment of a solicitor to draw up a deed.

You will also need to give your tenants at least two months’ notice should you wish to terminate an agreement, or not continue into a new agreement beyond the final date of the fixed term.

The most important information that the AST will contain includes the following:

  • Landlord’s full name

  • Tenant’s full name

  • Address of property

  • The date when the tenancy will commence

  • The duration of the tenancy

  • The amount of rent payable, including details of how and when it should be paid

  • What other payments are expected of the tenant, including utilities bills and Council Tax

Landlord Inventory

The second document that you must ensure is in place is your landlord inventory. This is the document where you detail the condition of the contents of your entire property prior to your tenants entering. Your tenants will sign and agree that what’s included in this document is accurate. After the fixed term is over, the landlord inventory will be referred to, and the condition of the contents in your property will be checked off against it. If there is anything missing or any damage beyond normal wear and tear, then the tenants will be liable for the cost of repairs or replacements.


It is typical that the landlord collects a deposit – usually equal to one month’s rent – at the beginning of a tenancy. This money will protect the landlord against any damage to the property that the tenant may cause, or if the tenant disappears without paying a rent.

Landlords must be sure to give a receipt of the deposit to the tenant, as well as detailed guidance as to what the money is for. Should you decide at any time during or at the end of the tenancy that you are going to withhold any or all of the deposit, full evidence including receipts and/or estimates of reparation costs must be provided to the tenant. Otherwise, you are obliged to pay back the full deposit to the tenant at the end of the tenancy.

Other Documents and Considerations

The landlord is also responsible for the health and safety of the tenant with regards to gas, electric and fire safety.

Property Prices in Tenterden

Currently, the average value given on all properties in Tenterden over the past 12 months stands at £401,396 (down -1.68%)

By property type, the average values of Tenterden houses break down like this:


£515,601 (up 0.53%)


£299,019 (up 0.55%)


£285,182 (down -0.77%)


£220,413 (down -2.01%)

hunters estate agents tenterden
hunters estate agents tenterden

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