Buy to Let: Landlord problems and how to solve them

Tue 01 Aug 2017

By working with a professionally qualified letting agent, taking good advice and ensuring you or your agent have developed a solid working relationship with the tenant, your tenancy will be built on strong foundations and problems are likely to be rare.

By using our Tenant Find or Fully Managed Services, you will eliminate many potential problems due to our thorough referencing of tenants and our expert management of your property so the property is safe and legally let. However, it is always a good idea to be prepared for every eventuality, so that if you do encounter problems, you know the best way to deal with them.

Don’t forget, you can always call our specialist lettings team for help and advice. They have the experience and knowledge to guide you through all aspects of being a landlord.

“Due to our thorough referencing of tenants and careful management of properties, major problems are extremely rare. When they do occur, rest assured we will work with you every step of the way to get the problem solved quickly and with minimum fuss.”

–  Carrie Alliston, Head of Lettings

What sort of problems can occur with a Buy to Let property?

1. What can go wrong?

2. When can you withold the deposit?

3. Evicting a Tenant