The repeal of the Property Misdescription Act and the new Consumer Protection Laws

Sun 20 Oct 2013

Property Misdescription Act The decision by the government to repeal the Property Misdescriptions Act of 1991 will provide property buyers some extra security when making a purchase. The original act was quite straightforward. When estate agents advertised a property for sale, they couldn't make any incorrect or misleading statements that could give a buyer the wrong impression. This could more

Now is the right time to buy

Mon 14 Oct 2013

Just lately you can't open a paper or turn on the news without hearing about how property prices are still on the rise. As prices continue to go up anyone thinking of taking that first step on the property ladder is left wondering if now is the right time or if they have missed the boat. On the one hand you may be concerned that the property market may be on the verge of a bubble, so maybe y more

Planning for the Future: Your Home and Getting Older

Wed 09 Oct 2013

Getting older is a fact of life and for some of us, it will mean selling the family home and moving into different accommodation. For the elderly, this could mean sheltered housing, or it could mean moving into a nursing home, if their health isn't too good. According to Eldercare, "about 85% of those having to meet care cost themselves either get no advice or they receive advice that does more

Latest news on Help to Buy

Fri 04 Oct 2013

The big news this week in the property market is the early release of phase two of the government's Help to Buy (HTB) scheme. Originally planned for release in January 2014, the scheme will accept applications from 7 October 2013. Consumers have grown accustomed to a limited supply of 95% mortgages ever since the recession, so the news of a bumper delivery ahead of schedule will rightly ca more

Can Labour Address the Housing Crisis?

Fri 04 Oct 2013

Labour leader Ed Miliband has said this week that building activity for new housing is at its lowest level for almost 100 years and has vowed to build 200,000 homes a year by 2020. According to a BBC report, Miliband is set to announce plans intended to ease the shortage by freeing-up councils when it comes to planning regulations, "penalise developers that hoard land and deliver another wav more

Selling Your Home: The Nuts and Bolts

Mon 23 Sep 2013

So you've decided that the time's right and you're ready to sell up and move on to pastures new, but where do you start? Read on for tips on selling and what you need to know for a successful sale that gives you everything you want. However, do be realistic and remember that if you price your home too high, or fail to make it look saleable, you could be onto a loser, as well as a very fr more

Surveyors Join the House Prices Debate

Mon 23 Sep 2013

It may have come to your attention recently that there has been a lot of noise in the industry with relation to the rise in house prices, with some analysts and industry insiders worried that we're approaching a housing bubble like we've seen in the past. Now, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICs) have added their voice to the debate, urging the Bank of England to limit the ris more

A Guide to the House Moving Process

Fri 20 Sep 2013

There are few things more exciting than moving house. From making plans to redecorate, to becoming a part of a new community, it can be fun whilst offering an opportunity to make significant changes to your life. Whilst there is no getting away from the time the whole process can take, being armed with the right knowledge can not only make things run smoother, it can also save you money along more

The House Buying Process

Thu 12 Sep 2013

If you have never bought a house before and you are thinking of getting on to the property ladder for the first time, you can be forgiven for finding the whole thing a little overwhelming, however, it needn't be. While there are a few steps involved in buying a property, there is always expert guidance and advice just a phone call away, all helping to make it as smooth as possible, leaving y more

Securing your home while you’re away

Thu 12 Sep 2013

Now the school holidays are here, many families will be taking a well-earned break for a couple of weeks. For some, that will mean relaxing in the sun with a Pina Colada, while others pack up the caravan and head for the coast. After working so hard for months on end, you can hardly be blamed for focusing on nothing other than your imminent holiday. However, it may be a good idea to take a bre more