How new builds and developments boost local communities

Tue 10 Sep 2013

Very often when the subject of building new properties arises in local communities, it's met with vocal protestations from many of the inhabitants. After all, if you already have your own house and the area you live in is picturesque, you can't be blamed for not immediately recognising the potential benefits that also come with new builds. However, the reality is, the population is increas more

Most effective way to add value to your home

Mon 09 Sep 2013

According to mortgage lenders, house prices are expected to rise around 11% over the coming three years. While this may not be welcomed by those looking to get onto the property market for the first time, for most of us it means very little. Any money we gain when we sell one home, we are likely to pay out again when buying another. The key to adding extra value to your property, or indeed lea more

Is Green Deal the Real Deal?

Wed 04 Sep 2013

It's been a lovely summer for the best part throughout the UK, and if the MET office is to be believed, it may continue for a few weeks yet. However, the fact is, autumn is on its way and sooner or later temperatures are going to start to drop. The good news is there are schemes which can help save money on your energy bills, while increasing the value to the property. Even better, there is more

A Bumper Summer for Estate Agents?

Mon 26 Aug 2013

This summer is proving to be the busiest for the housing market for quite some time, with regard to both sales and lets. In fact, the buy-to-let market continues to go from strength to strength and mortgages for the sector are at a 4-year high. Add to that the rise in prices, especially in the UK capital, and the government's Help to Buy scheme boosting new property sales and it's probably more

UK Rental Market: Pricing People out of Property

Tue 13 Aug 2013

The UK rental market has seen a dramatic rise in rents this year, with prices reaching an all-time high and seeing a record rise. This is especially true of the London area, which is driving the entire UK market, to some extent. However, for those not able to obtain social housing, should the trend continue, then it's likely that we will see low-to-middle income families become priced out of more

Professional Tips for Presenting a Property for Sale

Fri 02 Aug 2013

When it comes to selling a property, it's the job of both the owner and the agent to ensure that it looks its best. After all, it may be a cliche, but first impressions really do count, so everything from the brochure images to the cleaning needs to be taken care of. Think about it, would you buy a property with peeling paint work and a rusty old car in the drive that was once an 'importa more

Demand High for Family Homes

Fri 02 Aug 2013

According to the Guardian, around 240,000 new homes are needed annually in order to meet demand, whilst in the last financial year just 108,190 have been added. One area in which demand for new housing stock is in family homes, something that won't be going away in a hurry. Considering family houses make up around only 15% of the local market, supply is bound to be relatively low. However, t more

Marked Increase in Lending to First-time Buyers

Fri 02 Aug 2013

According to figures for May from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), not only is borrowing up across the board, but there has been a "marked increase in lending to first-time buyers". In May a total of PS8.4bn was borrowed for buying a home, representing 57% of the overall market. The rest was made up of 27% for remortgaging, accounting for another PS4bn, and 'other' lending such a more

Private Rents Unaffordable for UK’s ‘Ordinary’ Families

Fri 02 Aug 2013

A recent report from the Resolution Foundation has found that most of southern England is beyond the reach of lower income working families, due to high rents in the private sector. However, the housing minister says that the report is "fundamentally flawed" as it fails to take housing benefit into account. Rents are considered affordable if they are no higher than 35% of a household's more

Is the current property boom here to stay?

Thu 25 Jul 2013

Over the course of the past few months, a number of factors have conspired to drive something of a boom in the property market. This is especially true in the capital, as there is a reasonably limited supply of available property in the London market which has driven prices up. Here alone, we have seen an estimated 50% of sales going to final sealed bids and prices have climbed by at least 10% more