Tips for Pricing your Property for Sale

Thu 25 Jul 2013

Now that the housing marketing is improving for most of the UK, many people who have been renting whilst they weather out the storm are now looking to buy. This is especially true of the London area, where prices also seem to be enjoying something of a mini-boom. Whether this is set to stay, or improve, is open to discussion, but if in the meantime you have decided that it's the ideal time t more

Help to Buy Boosts Housing Market

Thu 25 Jul 2013

Hunters are seeing a similar recovery to the one seen in the US last year, which is being helped along by more confidence in the economy overall, positive employment figures and a strong demand for housing, especially in the nation's capital. Since last year, Hunters have seen sales climb by 40%, with lending rising in May, prices at a 3-year high and the strongest growth since 2011. It ce more