6 Tips for Planning Your Budget When Buying a House

Wed 18 Mar 2015

  When you're looking for a new house, it can be really hard to get swept up by gorgeous looking properties outside of your budget. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the exciting decisions you need to make when buying a new home. City or village? Terraced house or cottage? Drive or off-road parking?   Your home is most likely the biggest asset you will ever own, so it is more

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Home Like a Pro

Wed 04 Mar 2015

Spring is here and although we may be seeing the odd flurry of snow, the sun is starting to shine and it's time to get our houses looking spotless. No one looks forward to spring cleaning, but once it's done your house will look bright and fresh, ready for the year ahead. If the thought of getting started feels completely overwhelming, then here are some tips to get your spring cle more

Everything you Need to Know About Stamp Duty

Fri 20 Feb 2015

Unfortunately, a lot of things in life get taxed, and houses have always been a big focus for politicians. If you buy a house, then the likelihood is that you will have to pay a large amount of tax on top of the actual price of the property and the other costs that come with it. Property tax is officially known as "Stamp Duty". Once buyers purchase a house, they then have to pay a set a more

World’s Tallest Block of Flats Go on Sale at £1.4m

Mon 16 Feb 2015

Have you ever wished you could live in a luxury apartment on the 117th floor overlooking the Arabian Sea? Well now you can! The world's tallest residential skyscraper is situated in Mumbai and still under construction, but the luxury apartments inside have already gone on sale in London, with property developers targeting the wealthy residents of Mayfair. The "World One Tower" ha more

Tips For Moving into Rented Accommodation

Tue 03 Feb 2015

More people than ever are now renting property. With house prices at an all time high, private, rented accommodation is a much easier option than trying to jump onto the property ladder for graduates and young professionals. Although moving into a rented property is exciting, and you can more or less call it home, it is important that you don't get caught up in the new move and forget to more

DIY Guide to Spot and Stop Condensation

Wed 05 Nov 2014

The first thing to do if you think you have condensation in your home is to diagnose the causes of damp to see if it is condensation or another damp problem. Many people think they have rising damp or a leak, where in fact they just have condensation in their home. When the water vapour in warm, moist air hits a cold surface it causes the water to 'condense' onto that cold surface - more

How to Help Your Child Become a Home Owner

Thu 23 Oct 2014

Getting a foot on the property ladder is harder than ever at the moment with property prices still at quite a high level. Buying your first home is a scary prospect and many of the younger generation lean on their parents during the process. If you want to help your child and give them the support they need to make their home ownership dream a reality, then here is what you can do: Teach more

House Hunters Decide Whether or Not to Buy a House in Under Half an Hour

Tue 14 Oct 2014

Research has found that house hunters spend on average just 25 minutes and 30 seconds looking around a property before making the decision about whether they want to buy it or not. The new study reveals that in the time house hunters could have watched an entire episode of Coronation Street, including the advertisements, they could also have made the decision of whether to purchase a proper more

Could Lego Houses be Found in the Cities of our Future?

Thu 02 Oct 2014

If you or anyone in your family has ever had a Lego set, you will know that one of the easiest things to build is a Lego house. An Israel-based property developer decided to take that a step further by designing Smart Bricks, which can be used to build real life houses with bricks that fit together just like Lego does. The Smart Bricks prototype was created by Ronnie Zohar and his company K more

Finishing Touches That Can Make all the Difference to Your Home

Fri 26 Sep 2014

If you are looking round your house thinking about how you need to do some renovations, then it is often a good idea to take a step backwards and actually work out what could be improved without too much work first. Often it's the smaller things and the finishing touches that make all the difference in a home. If you have a tight budget but want to give your house a bit of a make over, th more