Eight Stages to Selling: A Guide for Vendors

Selling your home is a journey, and one that the expert sales agents at Hunters want to guide you through. Whether you've sold properties before or are thinking of selling for the first time, we want to ensure you're armed with the right information.


Our Eight Stages to Selling, has been created with this in mind. This series of downloads will help to guide you through the whole process of putting a property on the market, from booking a valuation and choosing an agent, all the way through to exchange of contracts and completion of the sale.


STAGE ONE: Book the valuation and choosing the right agent

When it comes to selling your home, choosing the right agent for your property before booking a valuation is crucial. After all, not all agents are the same. So how do you get started to find the perfect agent for you?

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STAGE TWO: Checking your finance, mortgage and moving costs

Moving home can be an exciting next step on your property journey. It is important however, that you stay on top of the costs and understand what you need to budget for.

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STAGE THREE: Instruct your solicitor

It can be tempting to wait until further into the sales process to instruct a solicitor, but this might not be the best course of action if you want to have the best chance of selling quickly. Read our guide to find out more.

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STAGE FOUR: Presenting your property for sale and launch marketing

In order to get the best price, in the quickest time, and withthe least hassle, your property needs to be presented well and marketed across various channels.

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STAGE FIVE: Offers and negotiating a sale

Once your property begins attracting interest and viewings are taking place, your agent's role should be to assess who might be the best possible buyer, according to your needs. Read the guide to find out more.

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STAGE SIX: If your property is not selling

In some cases, even the best agent may find that there has not been as much interest in a property as expected. Read on to discover some of the potential reasons for this, and how a good agent should address this.

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STAGE SEVEN: Sales progression

A buyer has been found and the sale has been agreed - what can you now expect your agent to do to progress your sale, right through to completion?

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STAGE EIGHT: Exchange of contracts and completion of the sale

Agents talk a lot about exchange of contracts and completion of the sale, two important milestones when it comes to selling your property. But what do these terms actually mean to you?

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