Sales progression

When the sale is agreed, and a buyer found, some agents think this is the point where their job is done. Good agents, however, will know that this is really when their job begins and will work hard to see your sale through – right up to completion.

Some sales negotiators are incentivised to arrange the sale but not always to see them through beyond this point, to completion. At this stage, sales are most at risk of falling through and many a sale has been lost due to poor communication or inadequate liaison between surveyors, solicitors, buyers and sellers. For this reason, it is important that you choose an agent that can provide you with a dedicated sales progression service and staff who are trained to spot difficulties long before they arise and lead to complications. 

Your allocated sales progressor or staff member will work with the solicitors, agents, buyers and sellers throughout the chain to ensure your individual sale goes through with few complications and as smoothly as possible, regardless of the size and difficulty of the chain. When in a busy or large chain with multiple sales and agents involved, problems can occur. As a seller, it is much less stressful knowing someone is working hard to manage the chain and look after your individual sale. 

When selling, your transaction is not complete nor legally binding until the exchange of contracts has been agreed. Until this point, any party can withdraw from the process. It’s therefore really important that you have someone progressing your sale to exchange as quickly and smoothly as possible. Many Hunters branches have dedicated sales progressors to do just this.

On completion day, both solicitors will complete their final check on the sale. The buyer’s solicitor will then transfer funds to your solicitor and the sale will be officially completed.  Your agent will then release the keys and the buyer will be notified that completion has been finalised and they can take possession and move into the property.

It is only at this point – at completion stage – that a good, no sale, no fee estate agent gets paid. You can now see how they will be incentivised to work hard on your behalf throughout the process.

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