Moving out of the property

It’s best to let us know at least 1 month before the end of the fixed term (or give 2 months’ notice if you are on a rolling/periodic tenancy) that you may want to move out.  If we manage the property for the Landlord, we'll arrange a check out appointment with you, so we can both ensure the property is left in an appropriate condition in accordance with the deposit legislation.  At this point, you will hand back the keys. If the Landlord manages the property, you will need to contact them directly to arrange a time and date to meet there, complete a check out and hand the keys back.

Getting your deposit back

Once you know you are moving out and you have told the agent/ landlord, you'll need to make sure that the property is left in good condition for you to be entitled to your full deposit back (fair wear and tear excepted). Most agents will confirm in writing to you certain requirements and tips in order that you can do this easily.  If there are no deductions or disputes and all the necessary forms are filled out correctly by you and by the Landlord, your deposit should be returned ten days later – in accordance to the tenancy agreement. 

Hunters Top Tip

Make sure the property is left clean; including carpets, windows, walls and furniture (if necessary, or more convenient for you, hire a professional cleaner).  Tidy the garden and clear away any rubbish, return all the keys, remove all of your belongings, notify the energy suppliers, water company and council tax that you are moving out and settle your final bills.

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