Top tips to protect your white goods

21st May 2018 posted in Landlords

How can landlords help protect their property's white goods so they last longer? As a Letting Agent we often get asked how landlords can maintain aspects of their property portfolio to help reduce costs.

All of us have white goods in our home, from fridges and freezers to washing machines and tumble dryers. 

Follow our tips below to ensure yours are safe.

1.    Are your white goods subject to repair or recall?

Products may be recalled or require a manufacturers repair. This can occur months or even years after they have been purchased. 

We would recommend registering your appliances at the Register My Appliance website on Goods which are several years old can be registered on the site, and registering them will ensure you’re notified if they are recalled or require a repair.

The Government also has a list of products that have been recalled. You can view that list here

 2.    Are they genuine goods?

The counterfeit goods industry is big business and it’s easy to be taken in by cheap prices especially on online auction sites, but fake goods may contain faulty or poor quality parts which could pose a risk of fire or electrocution.

The following can be signs of goods being fake:

  • Spelling mistakes on the packing or instructions
  • No kitemark or an imitation one
  • Packaging that looks like it may have been tampered with.

If you suspect that counterfeit goods are being sold, contact the Citizens Advice consumer service or by calling 03454 040506. You can also find out more on the Trading Standards website here:

3.    Are you using them correctly? 

Have you seen the video by Electrical Safety First of a toaster being turned on its side to make grilled cheese? Don’t try it at home!

Misuse of white goods could cause a fire in your home. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct use of the appliance.

You should also follow manufacturer’s instructions for installation for example fridges should be kept in dry well ventilated rooms and away from direct sunlight and radiators.

 4.    When did you last clean/maintain them?

It’s important to make sure that your white goods are regularly cleaned and maintained. This includes:

  • cleaning ovens so there isn’t a build-up of fat,
  • clearing out the fluff/lint tray on your tumble dryer after every use,
  • checking and cleaning filters on washing machines
  • cleaning the rear of fridges and freezers and ensuring the drainage hole is clear.
  • Ensure that you have working smoke alarms 
  • Think about your bedtime routine; turn off or unplug appliances that don’t need to be left on overnight, ensure you have shut doors as this can stop fire from spreading and keep keys for doors and windows in an easily accessible place
  • We would also recommend ensuring you have an escape route planned in case a fire does break out in your home.

If you are in rented accommodation your landlord must:

  • keep the property safe and free from health hazards
  • make sure all gas and electrical equipment (supplied by the landlord) is safely installed and maintained

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