5 Cool Gadgets That Will Transform Your Kitchen

6th March 2015 posted in Home Lifestyle


The kitchen is the hub of any family home. Most people eat in the kitchen up to three times a day, it’s the place where you store all your food and drink, and it’s often where you host dinner parties when family and friends come over.


If you love your kitchen, then preparing a meal can be a really wonderful thing to do, especially if you have the space and tools to create anything you want. There are some amazing gadgets out there that can transform your kitchen and turn it into the coolest room in your house:


Note Toaster



A huge section of the population have toast for breakfast, and this is usually the time of the day when you are running around the house trying to get ready and reminding your children to take their homework to school, your other half that its parents evening that night or just trying to remember to take your own lunch to work with you.


“Honey I Left it on the Toaster” was designed by Sasha Tseng and is a toaster that incorporates a little message board. Using a pen that’s provided, users can write little messages on the whiteboard which can not only be read by others when they use the toaster, but will also be printed onto the toast itself.


Flamberge Rotisserie



If you love rotisserie meat, then this is the gadget for you. This Flamberge Rotisserie from La Cornue sit openly in your kitchen and is powered by a gas burner thats set underneath a rear wall of cast iron.


You can use the rotisserie to slowly roast any meats or use the basket provided to cook fish. The rotisserie comes with a drip tray underneath to catch all the delicious juices as your food cooks, ready to flavour any accompanying vegetables.


Five Blade Herb Scissors



For those of us who aren’t naturally gifted in the kitchen and struggle dicing vegetables, nevermind finely chopping herbs, these amazing five blade scissors not only look cool, but may save you a huge amount of time.


They work like any other scissors, but have five times the chopping ability of a normal pair of kitchen scissors. Simply hold a bunch of herbs over a chopping board and within a minute or two you will have a pile of perfectly chopped greens.


Tea for Two



Tea is very popular in the UK, and with so much choice you can end up reeling off a list of different options available when friends or family come round. If you like to make your tea using a pot, then it can be hard to make two different pots of tea at the same time.


This Yin and Yang teapot designed by Ewa Sendecka allows you to make two different teas in the same pot, at the same time. With identical spouts on each side that double up as handles, this teapot is the perfect gadget for any afternoon tea party.






The U-Bubble is a concept involving floating refrigerated bubbles, so you can keep different food in different places around the kitchen and even in other rooms of the house. The idea is that each food type you want to keep cold and fresh will have it’s own individual bubble and won’t be mixed with foods containing different ingredients.


Each bubble floats in the air using magnetism and is made of transparent film that also works as an interactive screen to keep you informed about when the product inside expires. This amazing gadget is currently still at a concept stage, but it may be the interactive foody gadget of the future.

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