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26th April 2019 posted in Home Lifestyle

We all want to avoid bodged jobs in DIY, and normally a thorough approach will save time, money and stress in the long run. However, there are a few rare situations where you can cut corners which will save you time and allow you to correct mistakes quickly.



Depending on your current surface, you might hang lining paper prior to the wallpaper proper. If you find you’ve hung it and there are small gaps between the sheets, put Pollyfilla between the gaps and let it dry before you put the final paper on top. To quickly fix areas of peeling wallpaper, apply wallpaper paste to an ordinary piece of A4 paper, and rub it on the underneath of the peeling wallpaper. Smooth it down, then wipe over with a damp cloth to remove bubbles.

Removing painted screws

You can use something called a screw extractor to remove broken or painted-over screws, but not many of us have one of these just knocking about the place. Instead, you can grab another nail or screw, hold it with a pair of pliers, and use a lighter or a match to heat the head until it’s red hot. Then just touch it to the painted –over nail or screw, and the paint will peel off. Then leave it to cool (as it will have expanded from the heat), and remove it.

Removing screws.jpg
Repairing a broken chain.jpg

Fixing a broken chain

Got a chain securing a gate or a garage door? There’s no need to replace the whole chain if one link breaks. Simply place a bolt, with suitably-sized nuts either end, through the two nearest whole links, thereby attaching them together.

Hanging doors

Unless you’ve got some good carpentry skills, making the holes for hinges to go in can be a pain when hanging a new door. Get round this buy choosing “flush hinges”, which don’t require any sawing or chiseling.

Hanging doors.jpg
Squeaky floorboards.jpg

Squeaky floorboards

This one’s a winner- rather than tweaking squeaking floorboards, simply sprinkle talcum powder over the offending boards and brush it into the gaps. Hopefully that should stop the squeak.

We hope these DIY shortcuts have been useful for sprucing up your current property to add value before you place it on the market. 

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