Amazing Multifunctional Furniture Ideas For Your Home

20th March 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

Amazing Multifunctional Furniture Ideas For Your Home

If you are tight on space and always looking for new ways to make your home feel bigger, then what could be more useful than multifunctional furniture.

With our fast, modern lifestyle always requiring us to be multitasking at home, these creative and original pieces of furniture have been created to help us do just that and make the most of the space in our home.

Check them out:


Post-it Note Table

There is never enough room on just one post-it note to write down all your thoughts and ideas, and once you have a few scattered across your desk it is quite hard to keep track of them all.

This ingenious Post-it note table is the creation of Italian team Soup Studio, who thought that combining the two would be the answer for anyone working in the creative industry. Once you have used a layer you simply peel it off and start on the next one:



Levitating Bookcase Sofa

Have you ever found yourself snuggled into the nook of your sofa, staring longingly at the bookcase on the other side of the room just hoping a book would fly straight into your hands?

Well now you no longer have to leave your comfort zone to reach for a book. This fantastic Ramsa sofa by Younes Duret allows you to have all your favourite books at your fingertips:



Radiator Chair

What could be better than a chair that keeps you warm? Precisely what Jeroen Wesselink thought when he came up with this fantastic chair made from a radiator.

The chair was actually inspired by Gerrit Rietveld’s Zig Zag chair and has a very futuristic look. Next time you are huddled next to a radiator to keep warm, just think about how you could be sitting in comfort at the same time:



Table and Wine Holder

If you are having a dinner party, then you are going to need a good stock of wine to keep the drinks flowing. This Don Vino Table created by Vincent Chicone solves this problem in one go.

The table combines traditional and modern styles and allows the homeowner to store 16 bottles of wine around the edge. The oak barrels in Finger Lakes, New York, were the inspiration behind it:


Pool Table

Pool tables make a fantastic addition to any home, but they don’t half take up a lot of space. With a Kitchen table already taking up a lot of room, most homes simply don’t have the space.

This combined pool and dining table however allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. This design from Koralturk allows you to eat your meal and then take the top of to reveal a pool table underneath: