Benefits of Virtual Viewings

28th April 2020 posted in Property News Sellers Buyers

It is perfectly acceptable for people to stop and question the way we do things. If you have been working from home for the first time recently, you will likely question if we should be in a rush to return to the traditional ways of working when we move forward.

Some people have taken to remote working, and others remain to be convinced. Personal preference will always have a role to play in what people like, but there is no denying video technology has the potential to transform many industries and roles.

Remote working is a part of working life in the housing sector

This is likely to be the case when it comes to the property market. For many estate agents, remote working is nothing new. Being a good agent often involves a lot of work outside of the office, and outside of office hours. Working from home has been a simpler transition for many estate agents compared to other industries.

However, there is no denying the impact video conferencing will have on many people and industries. As people become more confident and competent in dealing with video technology and live communication, many businesses will look to incorporate these practices into their everyday activities.

The Government guidance for the housing market mentioned virtual tours. While there is a need for estate agents, buyers and vendors to practice social distancing and to make sensible decisions, the industry doesn’t have to stop operating.

The Government has urged caution, and for moves involving people at risk to be delayed, but many moves are taking place. There are many reasons why people are looking to buy or sell property right now, and these people should be supported.

Virtual viewings help buyers and vendors

There is no denying virtual viewings have a significant role to play in the current situation, but going forward, it will be no surprise to see virtual tours become commonplace in the housing market. People like convenience, and what can be more convenient than getting to see what a house has to offer from the comfort of your own home?

In normal circumstances, virtual viewings won’t replace actual viewings, they will supplement them. Given the sums of money involved with a property deal, and how important a home, few people will feel comfortable in buying a home without seeing it and getting a feel for the home and area.

However, virtual viewings, in the long-term, should streamline the process. If a potential buyer views a house online and drops out of the process, it is likely they would do so at some point later. However, if a potential buyer views a video tour and decides they want to see the house in person, they will have a greater intent of buying the property.

A drop-off in the number of viewings a house receives isn’t necessarily a good thing, but equally, it might not be a bad thing. If the quality of viewers makes up for a reduction in the quantity of viewers, vendors should not feel threatened.

Some of the key benefits offered by virtual viewings include:

1.       Fewer viewings but greater buyer intent

2.       Vendors saving time, effort and money in preparing homes

3.       Buyers and agents saving time and money in property viewings

4.       Greater accessibility for potential buyers

5.       A boost in SEO ratings for property viewings

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