Bridgend Landlords: Between Tenancy Tips To Improve The Property

9th December 2019 posted in Landlords

If you are a landlord between tenancies, it is perfectly understandable if you have some concerns. When there is no tenant in your property, you don’t generate income. Therefore, you will likely be busy at these times looking to bring a new tenant into your property.

However, there is a lot to be said for taking the time to improve your rental property when you are between tenants. When you don’t have a tenant in place, you have a more significant opportunity to make changes and improve the property. If you make the right sort of changes, you can make your home more attractive to future tenants. Also, these changes can make life easier, or more attractive for tenants, which may persuade tenants to stay in your rental property for longer.

Therefore, this is a critical time for landlords, and we are here to offer between tenancy tips to improve your rental property.

Carry out a deep clean of the rental property

When there is no tenant in the rental property, you have the ideal chance to carry out a deep clean, which helps the property look at its very best. If you are keen to impress prospective tenants, a deep clean is a perfect way to grab attention and make tenants feel as though they will enjoy a premium experience when they let from you.

Also, if you offer a spotless rental property, there is more chance the tenant will maintain a good standard of cleanliness in and around the property. If a property is messy, there is no motivation for the tenant to keep the property clean. However, if the tenant wants to reclaim their deposit, and they enjoy living in a stylish and appealing property, they will do what they can to maintain the initial standards you set. Therefore, a deep clean bring short and long-term benefits for landlords.

Review every appliance and fitting

When there is no tenant in place, you have the opportunity to review every appliance and fitting without bothering people or interrupting your tenants. Be sure to call on a professional to carry out gas and electrical checks. If you provide electrical appliances, this is an ideal time to ensure everything is in good working order.

Double-check the dates of your next gas safety check, and if it is looming, why not have the test carried out now before a tenant moves in? This will ensure your gas safety certificate is up to date for the new tenancy, and you won’t disrupt the new tenant.

Review the exterior of the rental property

Don’t just look at the inside of the rental property; take the time to review the outside of the property. Whether this is the garden area, pathways or shared landings, make sure these areas are clean, tidy, uncluttered and ready to make a positive impression.

If you’re a Bridgend landlord, the period between tenancies can be worrying, but we can help. If you are looking for assistance in managing your Bridgend rental property, contact Hunters Bridgend, and we’ll be happy to help.