Bringing the Outside In

6th September 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Bringing the Outside In

Create a More Beautiful Interior with Accents of Nature

Autumn is coming and we can all get a bit down when it’s freezing outside and the trees are getting bare. Get in touch with nature all year round with the right interior design choices.

Literally bring nature indoors

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Pot plants don’t have to languish in tired plastic containers! Using a selection of indoor plants and a variety of pots can create a strong contemporary look, as shown above. Combining the plants with a bare wooden floor or exposed brick contributes to a fresh outdoor look.

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Here’s a creative idea that brings the natural world into your home in a subtle way. Take inspiration from a single object, like the shell above, and repeats its patterns, colours and shapes to create a theme that can extend to one wall, a room, or even your entire home.


Nature-Inspired Patterns and Prints

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Beautiful nature prints for wallpaper and fabrics are a reliable favourite in the toolkits of many interior designers. Nature prints can create a strong feature wall and can be accentuated with a contrast print on the fabrics. 

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How about waking up to a beautiful sunrise every morning? A number of designers are now producing these amazing wall coverings. Teamed with natural wood furnishings and simple colours, they bring a sense of nature’s expanse into your home.

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Adding some wildlife into the mix with some interesting layered wallpaper prints and buying accessories to match will help bring out your wild side!


Wood is Good

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Driftwood can be used as an accent for so many different types of furniture. This headboard makes a great statement against the plain white wall, and teamed with the faux fur and simple bedding it is a sophisticated bedroom look. A beautiful indoor-friendly plant can inject some color into a clean crisp interior without making it look busy.

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Wooden staircases are definitely an amazing design feature and if you are lucky enough to have the space, a spiral staircase is a beautiful thing. There are so many great carpenters out there that can do some amazing things with reclaimed wood.

Bring some of mother nature’s beauty into your home and create some unique designschoices that can keep you in a warm summer glow throughout autumn through to the coldest winter days.

Written by Penny Tristram