Bringing the outdoors in

12th November 2013 posted in Hunters News

Bringing the outdoors in

No matter what the season, the height of summer or the depth of winter, you can add warmth and appeal to your home with a few interior design choices inspired by Mother Nature. The team at Hunters tell you how.

Literally bring the outdoors in

Bringing the outside world into your household doesn't have to mean plants languishing in tired plastic containers. Why not choose a feature indoor plant or shrub in a sleek earthenware pot? Set against a minimalist background, the splash of colour this gives can be stunning.

Alternatively if you'd like a little more green, using a selection of indoor plants in a variety of pots can create a strong contemporary look. Combining the plants with bare wooden floors or exposed brick contributes to a fresh outdoor look.

Floral patterns and prints

Beautiful nature-inspired prints for wallpaper, fabrics and accessories are an enduring favourite in the arsenal of many interior designers, and for good reason; the number of ways in which these can be introduced to the home give endless variety.

A wall papered in a strong earthy pattern with a tactile finish can be accentuated with a contrasting print on soft furnishings to create a compelling living space. Or instead a dramatic photographic canvass of a flower in bloom can become the focal point for a room, accentuated perfectly by fresh spring like hues in the wall colour and fabrics.

How about retiring for the evening to a beautifully restful bedroom?  A subtle floral print on bedding achieves this perfectly, and lends its tone to a plush mink toned headboard, mirrored bedside tables and glass lamps keep the room glamorous and grown up.  For a super soft and feminine look, a wash of rose, from prints to walls and fabrics couldn't be better, shabby-chic style furniture completes a truly pretty scheme.

A simpler style?

Don't worry if pattern and print are not your style, there are still plenty of ways you can bring the outdoors in.  Perhaps think about a pop of vivid colour, a bright leafy green on a feature wall carried through to soft furnishings will create a room reminiscent of woodland when paired with dark wood furniture.  And don't forget about the bathroom, a vibrant sea blue can still look fantastic set against brilliant white tiling and sanitary ware.

A classic solid wood floor will last for years and never really goes out of style; a rich dark shade is both beautiful and wonderfully practical used in an otherwise light kitchen or living room scheme. For something a little more unique, an orient inspired wooden room divider can be used with jewel and berry tinted furnishings to create a room that is surprisingly opulent.

Bringing a hint of natural elements inside can create a living space that is as attractive as it is unique. Whether you're selling or improving your house, we hope some of these design hints and tips can inspire and work for you.

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