Buying a New Home: The 10 Biggest Property Turn-Offs

8th April 2014 posted in Property News Buyers

If you are looking to sell your house, it is important to make sure your property is as appealing as possible. Confidence is now slowly returning to the property market, with 2014 looking like it’s going to be a great year if you are thinking of selling up. Home Insurance recently conducted a study with interesting results showing what exactly the ten biggest turn-offs are when it comes to potential home-buyers:

1. Damp

A huge 70% of people said that they wouldn’t consider buying a house if there were any damp patches or stained walls. Damp can often be very expensive to fix and can also indicate other problems with a house, such as a leaking roof or gutter, so it is not a surprise that this topped the list of turn-offs.

2. Poor States of Repair

Around 63% of people said that a property that was in a bad state of repair would put them off buying a house. This is understandable, as a house that needs a lot of work and renovation will not only cost a lot of money but will also take up quite a lot of time.

3. No Garden

It would seem that having a garden is a make or break feature for 57% of people. Although we don’t always have the best weather in this country, just having the opportunity to plant some flowers and grow some veg is a necessity for the majority of house hunters.

4. Bad Odours

There are tons of different articles about the types of smells that can actually help sell your house, such as freshly brewed coffee and just baked bread, but actually 56% of people of people are put off by a lot of odours, including those caused by pets, cigarettes and food.

5. No Parking

On a similar level to bad odours, 56% of people said that having parking was a deal breaker for them when choosing a new house. Not only is it convenient having parking next to your house, but it can also help to bring down your car insurance costs.

6. Dark and Dingy Rooms

Poor lighting in a home was enough to put 54% of people off, as no one wants to come home in the middle of summer and still have to turn the lights on. It’s all about keeping your home looking welcoming by creating bright, fresh and airy rooms.

7. Unfinished Work

No one wants to view a house when it looks like a building site and even less people want to actually go on to buy a house when it still looks like a building site.  Around 54% of people said that unfinished building work and visible on-going work, such as scaffolding, was a turn-off when it came to buying a house.

8. Small Room

A property with small rooms was a turn-off for 51% of home-buyers, most likely due to the fact that open plan areas are becoming more and more popular. They may be advertised as “cosy” but this is not what house hunters are looking for and these small rooms may hinder the sale of a house.

9. Small Kitchens

The kitchen should be the hub of your home. It is where all meals are cooked and consumed and often where the family come together after a long day at work. 44% of people would be put off a property if it had a small kitchen, as there is nowhere suitable for them to wine and dine guests.

10. Bad DIY

It may seem like a good idea at the time to try and fix a curtain rail here and a skirting board there, but actually bad DIY can put off 43% of home-buyers. Anything not finished to a professional standard will just look shabby and most likely need re-doing anyway, so step away from the tools.