Camberwell Arms Serving Local Community

1st June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

It would be fair to say we all have our favourite shops in the local area. One of the great things about Camberwell and surrounding areas is you have so much variety. There are many times when you want the support of an important name and brand, serving up products you and everyone else is familiar with.

However, there are also many times when you benefit from shopping locally, supporting people from the same community as you. Camberwell thrives on local shops and stores, and there is a sense of community that makes you feel glad you live here as opposed to somewhere else.

This is a trying time, but in dealing with adversity, we often see the people we can trust, and we often see the best in ourselves. It has been pleasing to see many local stores reach out to those who need additional help, and in supporting the community in general.

What is your favourite restaurant in Camberwell?

The Camberwell Arms is just one of the fine examples of a local venue that has changed its normal activities to be of greater use. They are now a grocery store with an online delivery service. One of the most pleasing things about this service is that it contains signature dishes from the restaurant. Also on offer are daily essential from the suppliers which ensure the restaurant provides tasty meals during more normal times.

Operating as a local store isn’t just about supporting the local community; it helps to support local suppliers. There is an army of people and businesses working unseen, supplying local bars and restaurants. It is natural to think that our best local venues are hit badly by the current pandemic, but we may not consider their suppliers.

Without these suppliers, the places we love wouldn’t be anywhere near as good, so it is great to see The Camberwell Arms helping them operate as best as they can.

Locals can enjoy a free delivery

You can check out the online store and deliveries take place between Wednesday and Sunday. If you live in the SE5 or SE15 postcode area, the delivery is free. All you need to do is enter LOCALS into the checkout when you make your order, and you won’t have to pay a penny to have your order delivered to your door.

This is another excellent feature that is sure to entice locals to buy, hopefully helping you to capture the magic of a great local night out while staying inside.

The grocery store is open at 65 Camberwell Church Street SE5 8TR from Wednesday to Sunday, 12 pm - 5pm.

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