Camberwell Arts Festival – Get Out And About

7th June 2019 posted in Home Lifestyle

At Hunters Camberwell, we celebrate and champion the local culture and community. We care about what happens in the local area, and this is why we are very excited about the Camberwell Arts Festival.

This popular event takes place between June 15th and 23rd. Most importantly, the June 2019 edition marks the 25th Anniversary of the Camberwell Arts Festival. You may not wish to dwell upon the fact that 1994 is now a quarter of a century ago, but this is one landmark occasion that is well worth commemorating.

Did you know that the Camberwell Arts Festival is Britain's longest running visual arts festival?

The event runs for nine days, so whether you want to immerse yourself in the Camberwell Arts scene completely or you prefer to dip in and out at your leisure, there will likely be something for everyone to enjoy.

Get The Party Started!

A 25th anniversary is an occasion for a party, and the first event on Saturday the 15th of June aims to place the ART into PARTY! The free event takes place on Camberwell Green, and it should be a lively gathering. All great parties feature food and drink, and there will be a shared feast for attendees to enjoy.

The opening event offers art workshops, an arts market and even a festive dog show so your beloved pet can have some fun too. With many local artists in attendance, this is the ideal opportunity to ask all the artistic questions you had but never knew who to ask.

Get involved with the Camberwell Arts festival

One of the most exciting things about the Arts Festival is that there is a broad range of events and activities to look forward to. For those who want to be active and participate in art, there are workshops and for those seeking entertainment, look out for the comedy night and the Street Art Jam. There is an extensive array of exhibitions allowing you to discover the hidden Camberwell that you may not have known existed!

No matter how much you want to be involved, there will be an opportunity for you to participate to your heart's content.

Keep the kids entertained in Camberwell

One thing we like to see at this sort of event is activities that keep the kids entertained. We think the Colour In Camberwell book is likely to be in huge demand this summer. Kids love to colour in, but this limited edition book, available from a range of local businesses, features the work of 25 local artists that can be coloured in to create an accurate representation or wild and wonderful versions of local life.

Also, we can keep it a secret if you can, but colouring books aren't just for children. If you love local life and want to create a colourful version of Camberwell, these books will be the perfect way to while away some time.

Meet local artists in the Open Studios section of the festival

The Camberwell Open Studios section is available on the weekend of Saturday the 22nd, and Sunday the 23rd of June, with most studios open from 11 am through to 6 pm. If you want to meet with local artists and see where the magic happens, this is the event for you, and all of these events are free.

Some of the locations you can meet local artists include:

·        Denmark Place

·        Empress Mews

·        Grace's Mews

·        Vanguard Court

·        Warrior Studios

·        Independent Studios

At Hunters Camberwell, we know the importance of community spirit, activities and creativity play in ensuring people love their local area. We're very much looking forward to the Camberwell Arts Festival, and we hope to see you at many of the events this month.