Camberwell Life Drawing Classes You Can Enjoy Online

18th June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

It is fair to say many people have been looking to develop new skills during the lockdown. Whether you are looking for a new career or a way to stave off the boredom, indulging in artistic endeavours has been a popular way for people to pass the time.

There is no shortage of art classes online, so no matter what you are interested in, you should find something of interest. However, it is easy to see why many people are keen to learn online alongside a local community group.

If you develop an interest in the artwork you do, knowing that there will be a local option when the lockdown is over is a significant boost. A lot of people are looking to develop skills at home that will provide them with the confidence they need to take part in group activities as we move forward.

A lot of people have spoken about the added sense of community that many of us feel right now. If you haven’t taken part in a group activity in Camberwell yet, now is the ideal time to dip your toe in the water, and if you like it, you can immerse yourself later on.

Take part in an online art class with other Camberwell residents

A perfect example of this would be the Camberwell Life Drawing class. As the name suggests, this class might not be for everyone. If you would prefer not to be looking at and drawing a naked body (although it is tastefully done), there will be other classes for you to enjoy. However, given the initial level of interest, it appears as though this is an activity that many Camberwell residents have an interest in.

The group has been together for many years, and they used to meet in person on a Wednesday night. When you consider the first group took place in 2014, it is a great achievement to still be going. In the group’s own words, the group is “for anyone that wants to spend a lovely and chilled evening creating some art in a relaxed, friendly and bohemian atmosphere.”

Find a community group you enjoy

With the chance to participate in art, have a glass of wine and meet likeminded people, the group went from strength to strength. Of course, this class is exactly the sort of local community group that was halted by COVID-19, but you should know it is impossible to entirely stop artists from creating!

The classes have shifted online using ZOOM to bring people together. The classes also help to support the models, with 50% of the income generated by the class going to the model. With so many people struggling right now, this is a great way to enjoy an art activity while supporting others in the community.

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