Camberwell Vendors – Prepare Your Home For An Autumn Sale

7th October 2019 posted in Sellers

Spring may be the time of year that people associate with selling homes, but it is possible to sell your home at any time of year. If you are keen to make a move soon, you can do so, but you need to ensure your home stands out for all the right reasons. We are pleased to say we have helped many Camberwell vendors sell their home, and if you want to prepare your home for an autumn sale, we can assist you.

Clearing leaves away is vital

Leaves look fantastic on the trees in autumn, but when they fall, they pose a hazard. Leaves on grass are untidy, but leaves on drives or paths cause people to slip and trip. You must make sure you create clear pathways that allow people to enter and exit your home without placing themselves at risk.

You should also ensure your drains and guttering is clear of leaves. Blocked drains and gutters increase the likelihood of flood damage, which could devastate your sales ambitions.

Ensure your home is warm and cosy

With the temperature outside the home falling, it is natural for people to enjoy heat inside a home. If you have viewers attending your property, make sure the heating is on, and the house is welcoming.

However, don’t just focus on the short-term when it comes to selling your home. Vendors are legally required to provide an Energy Performance Certificate when selling their property. This document states the energy efficiency of the property, and it makes sense to improve this rating before placing your home on the market.

Review the insulation at your home, and improve loft and cavity wall insulation. You should also review the quality of wall and door insulation, as this also affects how well your home retains heat.

Focus on lighting

If you are welcoming viewers to your home, it is best to conduct the viewing with natural light. Therefore, if you are flexible, arrange viewings for the daytime, helping prospective buyers to view your home in the best manner.

When it comes to creating the best atmosphere in the home, think about the most appropriate lighting for each room. In the bedroom or living room, opt for cosy and comfortable lighting. Rather than using the main light to illuminate the entire room, choose to place smaller lights around the room.

For the kitchen and bathroom, opt for a white light that sheds more light on the different areas of the room.

It is never a bad idea to add a touch of seasonal colour when you sell your home. You don’t have to chase trends, but with a drop of an appropriate colouring, such as orange or brown, you create a modern style that people connect with.

Also, as its autumn, you have an excuse to make your home more comfortable. Bring out rugs, blankets and throws that help you feel comfortable.

If you’re a Camberwell homeowner looking to sell your home, please get in touch. We can help you accurately value your home, and we offer an extensive range of services, so contact us today to sell your Camberwell home.