Choosing Hunters Camberwell As Your Agent

11th February 2021 posted in Sellers Buyers Landlords

If you are making a move in the housing market, it is best to call on the help from a local agent.

However, it is likely you have many agents to choose from, so how do you know which agent is best for you.

At Hunters Camberwell, we have a strong track record in helping clients, so we are confident we are doing a lot right.

We also stay in touch with the latest research and findings, which further assists us in providing the best standard of service to our clients.


The 2020 Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey analysed by Dataloft has provided us with insight into how people choose their estate agent when buying a home.

We have confidence in our ability to help you

The most important feature was “confidence in their ability” which was cited by 83% of respondents.

We are pleased to say we are confident in our ability to help you find your ideal home in Camberwell, or in the surrounding areas.

We know the area very well, and we have developed expertise and experience in helping people find homes. If you want to find the homes best suited to your needs, get in touch, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Local market knowledge is essential for estate agents

We believe good market knowledge is essential for a local estate agent, and we are pleased to see you feel the same. 78% of respondents suggested this was important to them, and again, we have a track record in helping people make informed decisions when it comes to the Camberwell market.

According to Rightmove, the Camberwell housing market as of January 2021 is as follows:

Properties in Camberwell had an overall average price of £569,259 over the last year.

The majority of sales in Camberwell during the last year were flats, selling for an average price of £441,035. Terraced properties sold for an average of £842,571, with semi-detached properties fetching £1,132,229.

Overall, sold prices in Camberwell over the last year were 6% up on the previous year and 7% up on the 2018 peak of £530,739.”

70% of respondents said they want to feel pleased by the property valuation. We offer valuation services at Hunters Camberwell, and we believe it is best for you to call on the services of a local professional for this work.

Property valuation depends on many factors, many of which are outside the property. Therefore, by calling on an agent who knows the local market, and who understands what is important in the Camberwell housing market, you can feel confident about whatever decision you decide to make.

‘Liked and trusted’ (69%) and ‘handled similar properties’ (59%) complete the top 5 which remain consistent across all different age groups.

We know different buyers want different things. It is fair to say younger buyers are looking for more digital services, and this has been borne out in their most important factors when choosing an agent.

For buyers aged up to 34 years old, portals were amongst the top five choices, as well as fees and ratings.


If you are looking for guidance or information regarding the housing market, please get in touch with Hunters Camberwell. As a local estate agent who has the support of a national network, we are ideally placed to provide you with all the help and guidance you need to make an informed decision, so please contact us today.