Decluttering Tips To Sell Your Home

31st December 2019 posted in Sellers

When you decide to sell your home, you are going to be busy. There is a lot of work to undertake during the sales process, and it starts as soon as you think about selling the property. You want to make sure the property is as appealing to buyers as possible, which is why the decluttering process is one of the most important steps when selling your home.

Decluttering helps you connect with buyers

There is agreement amongst many industry experts that decluttering your property before placing it on to the market can speed up the sales process. There are many important reasons why decluttering helps you sell your home, including:

·         Decluttering allows buyers to visualise the property as “theirs”, and they can see themselves living in the property

·         The decluttering process removes many of the suspicions surrounding more significant problems in a property

·         When a home is decluttered, it is de-personalised, which allows potential buyers to better connect with the property

·         A decluttered home looks more spacious, which is an important feature which buyers are looking for

You should always remember people are visual creatures, and what we see in front of us has the most significant impact. Therefore, if people see clutter in a room or home, it is likely they will remember the clutter more than anything else. This can make it difficult for the potential buyer to view the property in a manner that will lead them to make an offer.

When it comes to decluttering, the whole house is essential. It is not as though a vendor can focus on the living room and the kitchen, and then think they have decluttered enough of the property to have a positive impact on a buyer. Every space in the property matters, and if the vendor commits to decluttering the entire home, they enhance their chances of connecting with buyers.

How to start the decluttering process

Decluttering isn’t always easy. Depending on the size of the property, and how many belongings a homeowner has, there could be a considerable amount of work involved with decluttering the property. Therefore, it is vital to make a start, and once the process has begun, the vendor will feel more positive. This is because the task seems overwhelming at the beginning, but when you start to see improvements, you will be motivated to continue with the process.

Smart tips for the decluttering process include:

·         Get rid of big and bulky items as this will hopefully create more space quickly

·         Create bundles that allow you to keep, consider items, give them away, sell or give to charity

·         Set yourself a period to declutter every day or every week

·         Try to remove emotion from the process

The decluttering process is vital when selling your home, and the more decluttering you do, the better impact you can have on buyers. Anyone looking to sell their Greenwich home should contact us to arrange a property valuation. We are more than happy to take you through the sales process from start to finish, so contact Hunters Greenwich today.