Decoration Disaster! Top 5 Decorating and Furnishing Mistakes

18th October 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Decoration Disaster! Top 5 Decorating and Furnishing Mistakes

Before you get stuck in to decorating and furnishing a new home, do a little forward planning to avoid these top 5 decorating and furnishing mistakes.

1. A Clutter Hoarding Habit

Less really is more. Divide “stuff” into two categories:

1. The things that matter

2. Those things that you can do without.

If you’re moving, do it before you move, or if you absolutely don’t have time for that, while you’re unpacking.

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2. Over-Furnishing

A close relative of the clutter catastrophe, over-furnishing happens when there’s too much furniture in the room, or when items are too big. Not exactly ergonomic, is it? As well as being impractical, overly-furnished rooms feel smaller than they need to. If you can’t think of what to get rid of, try just moving the furniture around in the first instance. If this doesn’t create the space you need, it’s time to be brutal and cut some unnecessary furniture out of your life.

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3. Decorating BEFORE you choose furniture

It’s harder (not to mention more expensive) to match furniture to your wall décor than it is the other way around. Get the furniture first, then bring fabric swatches or photos with you when you're buying paint and wallpaper. To be safe, get paint samples and wallpaper swatches, and leave them for 24hrs so you can notice their effect as the light changes throughout the day.

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4. Neglected Lighting

Lighting is a vital design element which is often left to chance. Poor lighting design is all too common and will let down what could otherwise be an amazing interior décor or architectural scheme. Natural lighting is essential to most rooms. Think about your curtains and don’t block natural light with thick curtains or accessories. Enhance natural light with mirrors opposite the light source. Floor lamps are a great way to enhance the light in your room – keep them bright enough to function without being dazzling.

5. Matchy Matchy

It’s really easy to do a one-stop shop for all your essentials - it saves space and time. BUT you will be sacrificing style. Instead, get a few stand-out pieces from antique fairs and secondhand shops. A well decorated place has variety and is well coordinated but doesn’t overly match.