Does my house need to be damp proofed?

4th September 2019 posted in Sellers

Now that we are in autumn, many homeowners want to ensure their property is in good condition. Wind and rain makes for a miserable home life if your house isn’t up to standard. There may be problems with your home in the summer months, but if the weather is pleasant, they aren’t noticeable. However, issues can arise quickly in autumn or winter, and you’ll wish you took action sooner rather than later.

One issue that many homeowners worry about is dampness. Dampness can have a massive impact on property, and even your health. While dampness causes a home to look bad, it is the negative affect on value, condition of the property and even your own well-being that is the biggest problem when it comes dampness.

Therefore, it is vital homeowners know if their home needs a damp-proof course treatment.

Inspect exterior brickwork pointing

One of the first steps you must take in reviewing your home for dampness is to consider the pointing of exterior brickwork. If there are signs of crumbling or flaky mortar, there is a chance that dampness is present at your home. If you find this at home, get in touch with a damp specialist as quickly as possible.

Do you have damp proofing in place, and what condition is it in?

If you have damp proofing in place at home, you may feel confident about the condition of your property. However, the damp proofing may have been compromised, so it is important you review it on a regular basis. If damp proofing is compromised, water may be able to penetrate your property.

Review interval walls

It is important to check the walls in your property, including walls in the basement, if you have one. You should be on the lookout for a white powder style tide-mark. You should also look to see if your walls feel extremely cold or damp when you touch them. If this is the case, your home may suffer from rising damp.

How are your gutters and downpipes?

It is imperative you regularly check the condition of gutters and downpipes. If these are full, blocked or compromised, they may make it easier for water to make its way into your property, Even a simple build-up of debris can have a huge impact on water accessing your home.

Is your roof in good condition?

If your roof is in poor condition, your home is more likely to suffer from damp-related problems. You may not feel comfortable reviewing your roof, and it is a job best left to the experts. Call on a specialist roofing company or professional to look at your roof for you. If they find any problems, they’ll advise you on the best plan of action.

At Hunters Camberwell, we love autumn, but it causes problems in and around the home. If you want to maintain the value of your property, and make sure that your home looks and feels great, check for damp.